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UK 'Weeks Away' From Egg Shortages

UK 'Weeks Away' From Egg Shortages

The UK could run out of eggs as production costs rise

In news no one wanted to hear in the build up to Easter, the UK is reportedly very close to significant egg shortages.

According to the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC), yes that actually exists, customers could see a shortage of eggs in the UK in a 'matter of weeks'.

The shortage has reportedly been linked to an increase in production costs which include chicken feed, fuel and livestock.

News of the increase in costs and potential subsequent shortage of eggs comes as the cost of living in the UK continues to rise.

The BEIC wrote to executives of major UK retailers to say that unless urgent action was taken within the next two weeks, the supply of British eggs to stores would be under threat.

Speaking of the issue, chair of BEIC Andrew Joret said: "The tidal wave of cost increases will see many family farms, some of which have been producing eggs for generations, going under in a matter of days, unless something is done quickly."

Joret continued to say that the number of eggs available in super markets was 'seriously under threat' if rising farm costs weren't tackled.

These costs include a reported 50 percent increase in the cost of chicken feed and a 40 percent rise on energy costs, as per the Guardian.

Farmers say the war in Ukraine has contributed to price rises; the rising price of feed is in part attributed to the fact that wheat and gain are largely produced in Ukraine.

The country was expected to produce 12 percent of global wheat exports and a fifth of global maze production this year, as reported by the Independent.

Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine has exacerbated the egg shortage.

However, experts have warned that Vladimir Putin's invasion in the country could see a large quantity of the countries grain exports wiped out.

This has led to a spike in chicken productions, something Ronald Kers the chief executive of the 2 Sisters Food Group, one of the largest food producers in the UK said is a 'major threat'.

He told the Independent: "This conflict brings a major threat to food security in the UK and there is no doubt the outcome of this is that consumers will suffer as a result.

"The input costs of producing chicken – with feed being the biggest component – have rocketed. Prices from the farm gate have already risen by almost 50 per cent in a year."

With free-range egg producer Dan Brown telling the Guardian: "We will be in serious trouble if the market hasn’t turned by the autumn, but it needs to turn immediately."

News of the possible egg shortage and rising production costs comes as the cost of living in the UK continues to rise, with many across the nation facing a significant increase in energy bills.

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