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Families Left Disappointed By 'Creepy' Christmas Grotto In Norfolk

Families Left Disappointed By 'Creepy' Christmas Grotto In Norfolk

The traffic was awful, and many parents were sorely disappointed with the experience

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Families have demanded their money back after for queuing for hours to get into a drive-through Santa's grotto that left many of them feeling disappointed.

Some of the people who turned up to the grotto in the grounds of Taverham Hall near Norwich were left feeling anything but Christmassy after their experiences.

Opening on Friday night, the attractions - run by We Make Events - promised a one kilometre drive through wonderful lights featuring festive scenarios, but were left completely underwhelmed by their experiences.

However, some were made to wait for three hours in traffic after booking a time slot to take their kids.

One visitor, Louise Purdy, told BBC News: "It was an absolute fiasco from start to finish,"

Facebook/Louise Purdy

Others on social media have shared her concerns, with one saying that it 'would have been quicker to get to the North Pole'.

Another disgruntled customer wrote: "Three very grumpy children and four disappointed adults down £110."

It seems that some visitors didn't receive the 'huge amounts of festive magic' that was promised to them by the event's organisers.

Purdy, who went along with her son and two of her nephews, said that the experience was woefully inadequate and didn't live up to any of her expectations.

Facebook/Louise Purdy

She continued: "We wanted the sparkle, the magic of Christmas, but I actually started laughing because I couldn't comprehend how rubbish it was.

"The Scrooge guy called us all mutants, said Santa has crashed his sleigh and the presents are in the mud, and there was a man in chains by a tree just staring at the car.

"It was creepy, but was meant to be for little kids.

"The light tunnel at the end wasn't even switched on and the Santa couldn't be less interested."

Another parent said: "The gifts were rubbish, not even wrapped, just in brown paper bags and they were things probably bought in Poundland."

Yet another visitor told BBC Radio Norfolk that they'd left after 90 minutes when they were told they may have had to wait another two hours. That's after paying £68 for three tickets.

They said: "It was absolutely shocking.

"We wanted something really nice to do as a family, but it was appalling and we've had no response from the organisers."

Facebook/Louise Purdy

However, not everyone was so disappointed. One person wrote: "The resilience of the creative community never ceases to inspire me.

"Enjoying working on the Santa's Drive Thru Grotto opening tonight at Taverham Hall. So many challenges and rules and regs, and the team still produce stunning work."

LADbible has approached We Make Events for a comment on the event, but they haven't responded at the time of writing.

However, they have issued a statement telling visitors to change their route to the venue to 'ease traffic worries'.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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