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Families who don't celebrate Christmas and what they get up to on the day

Families who don't celebrate Christmas and what they get up to on the day

Nearly nine in ten Brits say they celebrate Christmas.

The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived and the most stressful time of the year - getting your Christmas shopping sorted - is now over.

For most Brits, Christmas means getting the family together, opening gifts and eating as much food as heavenly possibly.

And of course a Prosecco or two.

But obviously not everyone in the UK will be celebrating Christmas.

Nine percent of Brits voted 'no' when they were asked if they would be celebrating Christmas in 2023.

And three precent said they 'didn't know', according to Statista.

So, LADbible got in touch with some families to find out what they plan to get up to on the day.

Nine in ten Brits say they celebrate Christmas.
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Aiysha Younas-Cheung, from North Wales, won't be celebrating Christmas because she is Muslim.

However, the 29-year-old - who lives with her husband - still loves everything about the festive period.

"I live with my husband but I grew up with my parents and my siblings. For Christmas growing up, we used to watch Christmas movies together because nothing is open," she explained.

"When I was younger there wasn’t anything on TV but Christmas movies, so that’s why it became sort of a tradition for us."

On Christmas Day she says it would be like any other normal day, 'but more exciting'.

Aiysha Younas-Cheung, from North Wales, won't be celebrating Christmas because she is Muslim.
Aiysha Younas-Cheung

"We would have a normal dinner, no big meal or presents or a tree. It would be like any other day but more exciting because we were off school," she said.

"Now I’m married, my husband and his family celebrate Christmas. So we exchange gifts and we go to my in-laws house for Christmas dinner."

Aiysha added: "Since we have two Eids, we do gifts and big meals and things like that then.

"I never felt like I was missing out. The same reason I don’t celebrate Diwali or Hanukkah is why I don’t celebrate Christmas."

On the other hand, a New Delhi International student who is doing his Master's degree in Leicester, reckons Xmas is pretty overhyped.

Karthik Singh Panwar, 22, doesn't celebrate Christmas.
Karthik Singh Panwar

Karthik Singh Panwar certainly isn't the only one in this camp.

The 22-year-old - who lives with his best friend - admits it's 'just not a part of our culture'.

"But being in the UK this year, seeing the excitement in people and on the streets, it feels like Christmas has been on for close to a month and there’s still two weeks to it," he said.

Back home, Karthik will usually 'just go for a nice dinner and maybe have a bonfire night afterwards'.

"Growing up I always saw how grand it was in the movies, pictures all around the world. It’s a very big cultural festival and I'm just looking forward to celebrate it in a country that is pompous in its celebrations," he added.

Asad Shaikh, 29, still enjoys watching Christmas films.
Asad Shaikh

Whereas Rochdale resident Asad Shaikh says he's quite the fan of the Christmas vibe.

"I don’t celebrate Christmas as I am Muslim. Our celebrations are two Eids," he said.

"However I do like the Christmas period and the vibe in general. I like the chilly weather believe it or not, I like the occasional snow that comes, the Christmas markets, shopping and the films are always class.

"The Christmas period always brings people together with good vibes so it’s nice to see."

On the day, the 29-year-old often stays at home with the fam to watch films and have a Christmas-style dinner.

"It's similar to Eid in the sense that it’s a time of bringing families together, having a huge meal, getting money or presents and enjoying a quality time together," Asad explained.

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