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Exact date UK heatwave will peak as Britain set for scorching weather

Exact date UK heatwave will peak as Britain set for scorching weather

Brits can finally start their countdown until the heatwave peak

Time to get out the SPF, whack on your shorts and start frantically buying all the ingredients for Pimms as the exact date for the UK heatwave peak has finally been revealed.

Brits can finally start their countdown to the long-anticipated heatwave set to hit the UK and look forward to washing it all down with some frosty golden pints in a beer garden, back garden or just about anywhere else outdoors.

It's finally that time of year again when we see the whole nation clamour to the nearest beach possible, bust out the barbecue for no reason whatsoever and complain endlessly that a Flake 99 no longer costs 99p.

Brits can start counting down the days until the heatwave peak.
Tembela Bohle / Pexels

Weather forecasters are predicting that temperature across Britain are very much so on the rise and will continue to climb towards the end of this month and into the start of the next.

Considering we've already seen the hottest temperature recorded in the UK so far this year - with Cardiff Bute Park standing strong at a balmy 23.4C on Monday (22 May) - it's just a matter of time now before we all start getting that proper summer feeling once again.

Brits will most likely flock to nearby beaches to catch the glorious rays.

The imminent heatwave will crank up the mercury big time, baking Brits at a scorching 28 degrees.

According to data collected by WX Charts - a visualisation tool displaying various weather models - next Sunday (4 June) will see a peak of heat in some parts of the UK tipping temperatures in London.

And it's not just the capital city that is set to reach a somewhat tropical climate as other data shows that the south coast of England could reach a still impressive 25 degrees.

While Birmingham is looking a tad warmer with expectations of temperatures maxing out at 26 degrees, Manchester is looking like a scorcher with data suggesting it could top out at a tasty 27 degrees.

That means a lot of tinnies in the park.

Temperatures in London are tipped to go all the way up to 28 degrees.

The Met Office forecast for the start of June reads: "High pressure continuing to be the dominant feature at the start of the period. Most areas should remain predominantly dry with a fair amount of sunshine.

"Light winds are likely in most of the UK, but some southern and eastern areas will see breezier conditions.

"Remaining warm for most of the country, but feeling cooler along coasts, where onshore winds occur."

Speaking about the upcoming week in general, Met Office Deputy Chief Forecaster Steven Keates explained: "There is a strong signal the high pressure will continue to dominate our weather.

"Its exact position over the UK will dictate the temperature, wind direction and weather patterns, however, indications are that the dry, bright weather is likely to continue for most with little in the way of rain throughout next week."

The Met Office told LADbible this afternoon (26 May): "The peak temperature in our forecast currently is 24C tomorrow in parts of South West England and South East Wales."

It also added: "It is too far ahead at this stage to give specific temperatures for over a week away."

Regardless, we can all agree it sure would be very welcomed if a blast of heat finally came our way.

Featured Image Credit: Jamie McBean / Alamy Stock Photo / Martin Thomas Photography

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