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Man issues warning after finding horrifying trap on dog walk

Man issues warning after finding horrifying trap on dog walk

The dangerous-looking metal contraption was found at a beauty spot in Greater Manchester

A dog-walker discovered a horrific piece of kit that they believe could easily have killed a child.

Honestly, have a look at it.

It’s a fearsome improvised trap that definitely looks like it could do a decent bit of damage to anything that stepped on it accidentally.

It seems to be a piece of metal pipe that has had a number of nasty-looking nails welded onto it, and it was discovered at a beauty spot on Greater Manchester by someone out for a stroll.

The dog walker who found it – who wishes to remain anonymous – says that the area in which he discovered it, on the site of the former Hartshead Power Station in Stalybridge, is popular with children, as well as dogs and horses.

This is the thing that was found.

He believes that the dangerous device was left down in order to deter people from riding motorbikes around the area, but obviously concealing a device like that in an area used by many different people has inherent hazards.

He says that he only found the device because his dog ran through a big puddle and knocked it out.

Greater Manchester Police have been notified about the man’s find, and he wrote on Facebook: "Found this today on the old power station land in Carrbrook, hidden in a puddle that my dog ran though and knocked it out of.

"Could of ended a lot worse, but if someone's made the effort of making one, there's definitely more.

"Kids play on that land, people walk dogs and ride horses. If a horse was to step on that, it would be thousands of pounds in vet bills.

"I know these have probably been made to stop the off road bikes/cars, but at the end of the day they could kill a small child."

As well as notifying the police, the man has also contacted the owners of the land about his grim discovery.

It would definitely hurt if stepped on.

The area – which sits in the beautiful Tame Valley park – was previously home to the power station until 1989, but is being brought back to life through a large multi-million pound development plan.

Under those plans, there will be a new community park and housing development built on the site, which has been derelict since the 1980s.

While the land is located within green belt area, it has a ‘brownfield legacy’ due to the industrial past, according to those developing the land.

An impression of what the park might look like when completed.
The Casey Group

According to The Casey Group: “The site represents a unique opportunity to re-purpose previously developed land that has a long industrial history for public and environmental benefit.

“Tame Valley Park will be not only a response to the need to physically remediate the site from its long history of industrial uses, but it will also utilise the site’s unique context and setting in the River Tame valley with the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, to create an attractive and more ecologically diverse environment.”

LADbible has contacted GMP for comment.

Featured Image Credit: MEN Media

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