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M&S Christmas Window Display Slammed For Being 'Sexist'

M&S Christmas Window Display Slammed For Being 'Sexist'

One woman described the display as 'vomit-inducing'

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Marks and Spencer has been blasted for its Christmas window display which shows 'must-have fancy little knickers' for women.

One shopper walking past the Nottingham branch clocked the somewhat dated text alongside mannequins wearing lingerie as part of its Christmas display.

Meanwhile, the next window shows off 'must-have outfits to impress' which included swish suits and shirts on male mannequins.

A snap of the display was posted on Facebook into a group called Feminist Friends Nottingham by a user named Fran Bailey, who wrote: "OK M&S Nottingham, have we really not learned anything in the last 35 years? Or am I alone in finding this, their major window display, completely vomit-inducing?"

Others quickly agreed with the original poster, with one writing: "Please get with the times. I can't step out in knickers alone, must have an outfit to impress too!"

While a second said: "Ewwww Marks and Spencer. Come on. No woman I know wants 'fancy little knickers'. Did a man write this?"

The window display caused a debate on social media.

However, not everyone hated the display, as one commenter said she thought the whole thing was 'nuts' - adding that she was looking forward to treating herself to some M&S pants. Another wrote: "OMG this is why feminism is hated so much! What wrong with wearing nice underwear?"

The window display caused such a stir, that professional shouty man Piers Morgan and the ever-patient Susanna Reid joined the debate on today's Good Morning Britain.

Where Morgan asked feminist Anna May Mangan if she would object to a window display showing David Gandy in a pair of Y-fronts, but she stuck to her guns saying it was the juxtaposition of the smartly dressed men and undressed women that was an issue.

Adding: "I think it says, 'men are dressed to succeed, women are undressed to succeed'."

An M&S spokesperson has said that the configuration of window displays differs from store to store, but that in some branches - such as Nottingham - it would show males in suits alongside women in their undies.

The M&S window display has sparked a feminist row.

In a statement M&S said: "M&S sells more underwear, in more shapes, sizes and styles, than any other retailer, especially at Christmas.

"We've highlighted one combination in our windows, which are part of a wider campaign that features a large variety of 'Must-Have' Christmas moments, from David Gandy washing up in an M&S suit through to families snuggling up in our matching PJs."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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