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Aldi's new caterpillar cake ad is the most brutal dig at M&S yet

Aldi's new caterpillar cake ad is the most brutal dig at M&S yet

Colin the Caterpillar, or Cuthbert the Caterpillar? Aldi, or M&S? Eventually, everyone will have to choose a side.

Aldi has aimed yet another dig at their supermarket rivals M&S, further stoking the flames of their feud over caterpillar cakes.

You might remember that Aldi and M&S ended up in a long-running legal saga after the German supermarket brought out a cake called ‘Cuthbert the Caterpillar’ that bore more than a passing resemblance to M&S’ cake ‘Colin’.

M&S started everything off by bringing a lawsuit against Aldi when Cuthbert first hit the shelves back in 2021.

It all kicked off, but a month later Cuthbert was back on sale after a short absence, just with some slight changes to his face.

The row has since been settled, but it’s clear that some feelings still remain, as this latest advert shows.

The bizarre video clip sees a number of caterpillars – well, people in caterpillar costumes – standing around at a party, discussing how much they like the respective cakes.

This is Aldi’s special way of pointing out that their cake is a bit cheaper than the M&S version.

Then, another caterpillar character arrives – and this time, it’s Colin.

Cuthbert and his caterpillar friends at the party.

After that, the scene cuts away to the slogan ‘Aldi. Like M&S. Only Cheaper*

“*On cakes that look like caterpillars.”

Upon returning to the scene, Colin and Cuthbert are seen grabbing hold of one another, scrapping and shouting.

It’s not exactly high concept, but it is a bit of a laugh.

Hopefully the two supermarkets can have a laugh about it as well, given that they’ve previously lawyered up over the controversial caterpillar cakes.

Aldi had yet another light-hearted dig at M&S of late, when the latter announced that they were bringing out a ‘Coronation Colin’ cake ahead of King Charles’ May 6 date.

A spokesperson for the company said: "To celebrate the coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla, we're so excited to share our limited-edition Coronation Colin.

"Who's going to be grabbing one of these ahead of the bank holiday weekend?"

The difference with this version of Colin – and this is vital to the joke – is that he’s got a yellow chocolate crown on his head.

After seeing what M&S had put out, Aldi posted on their own Twitter, joking: “Cancel the crowns CANCEL THE CROWNS”.

Responding to comment under this latest video, Aldi themselves wrote: “Cuthbert doesn't need a crown, he's already our King Caterpillar.”

Colin and Cuthbert eventually came to blows.

People have enjoyed their little joke, though.

One person wrote: “Do your lawyers even have nails left to bite?”

Another said: “I love Aldi's Social and Marketing Team so much”.

A third commented: “Absolutely genius.”

Obviously, we’re not going to take sides in this cake, so we’ll just remind you that both caterpillar cakes are still on sale at their respective supermarkets, should you wish to go out and buy one.

We’ve also contacted Aldi and M&S for a comment on the matter.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Aldi

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