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Mum Discovers Amazing T-shirt Whitening Hack

Mum Discovers Amazing T-shirt Whitening Hack

This is an absolute game-changer

Wearing white can be risky business - pasta dishes, wine and coffee all become the enemy once a white t-shirt is on. One simple splash or drop can leave it stained forever, or so we thought.

One mum from Scotland knows this pain all too well with two little ones but stumbled across a hack that turns even the grubbiest t-shirt in back to its original shine.

Ashley Baxter, from Fife, posted a photo to Facebook of her little girl's stained school shirt along with a post of the same shirt, this time looking bright white.

She explained she'd heard about Milton Sterilising Fluid, a mild form of bleach normally used for sterilising baby bottles, that only costs £2.20 ($2.90) and it worked.

Ashley posted: "Ok so I'm slightly embarrassed to post this but!! As little kids explore, spill foods, paints etc, I seen a tip on Mrs Hinch page about Milton steriliser fluid, (Mrs H hasn't done this I tried it after seeing on a fan page it takes stains out) knowing I had some sitting thought I'll give it a bash cos this one top is very discoloured no gonna lose anything.

"Well this is the result! I'm about to go do all her shirts and white tops now."

The t-shirt before the cleaning hack.
Ashley Baxter
The t-shirt after the cleaning hack.
Ashley Baxter

She went on to explain she mixed together one-part fluid and three parts boiling water in a big bowl before letting the t-shirt soak for two hours, she then put it on a normal white wash.

Ashley said she was impressed with the results, but there are some stains it can't lift.

"Pretty impressed with this! Although it hasn't taken the permanent marker off it'll be fine under a dress," she added.

Some Facebook users were shocked with the results of Ashley's hack, one person commented: "I'll be buying a bottle of that stuff! A have the white polo t-shirt a to be washed either daily or every second day and they do end up becoming discoloured."

Another posted: "I've thrown out loads of girl's school shirts for being like this... might have to try this in future."

"I do this with my shower curtain too. It's amazing," a third commented.

Ok, so it doesn't get permanent marker off but just think of the worry-free meals you could have now - red wine and spaghetti for all.

Featured Image Credit: Ashley Baxter

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