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Cinema Shows 'Fight In 3D' As Brawl Erupts During Mayweather Vs McGregor

Cinema Shows 'Fight In 3D' As Brawl Erupts During Mayweather Vs McGregor

On Saturday night we witnessed Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather knocking ten bells out of each other.

For some of us, there can be a demonstrational purpose to re-enacting what happened during the fight to our mates, usually in slow motion.


However, at Vue Cinema in Bury, Manchester, where the fight was being shown live, an actual fight developed between two groups of men.

Footage shows them throwing punches and attacking each other, resulting in problems for cinema staff and the police being called.

Credit: Supplied

One person on Facebook commented: "People need to stop watching the fights then all of a sudden thinking they are top fighters. Sit the fuck down, enjoy the fight on TV, respect the fact you actually don't know jack shit about fighting and you're only embarrassing yourself."


While another added: "Why can't people act normal they always have to fight after any kind of event if it's a football game or boxing they always end up fighting."

One eyewitness told the Mirror: "It was all over as quickly as it started.

"But there were probably about 30 people involved. There were only about three security guards.

"The staff did their best but they were clearly outnumbered. It was clear some of the people involved had been drinking."

Credit: PA

Vue Cinema's told the Manchester Evening News that the fight was screened to over 8,500 customers in 47 cinemas.

They added: "Cinemas had increased security, strict access policies and procedures and strict alcohol policies in place. We can confirm there was one incident which took place."

Nobody was reported to have been injured in the brawl.

Fights also broke out in various other places around the world as a result of the fight. A video, filmed at a Scottish bar in the Canary Islands, shows an enraged man lashing out a bar staff before throwing glasses.

Police were also called to 'fight-related violence' on the strip near the T-Mobile Arena, where the two fighters fought, in Las Vegas.

Credit: PA

The fight, which was won by a tenth-round stoppage from Floyd Mayweather, caused some dispute from McGregor's camp for the referee's intervention.

Mayweather made it 50 wins from 50 fights in beating McGregor, who also impressed many in the way he held his own.

The American boxer has since announced his full retirement from the sport, while McGregor is to take a mini-break in Ibiza.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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