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Knackered Prince William Nearly Nods Off During Service At Westminster Abbey

Knackered Prince William Nearly Nods Off During Service At Westminster Abbey

Cut the guy some slack, he's probably not slept in three days

Being a new dad can be a tiring affair - you're up all night looking after a tiny, newborn baby, and trying to give mum a chance to get a bit of a rest whenever possible.

Prince William might be on his third go at this now, but he still had to turn up to some royal engagements today anyway and seemed to be feeling the strain just a bit.

The Duke of Cambridge attended the Anzac Day service at Westminster Abbey alongside his brother Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle. To be fair to him, he managed to get through it with a good grace and seem to be having a laugh and a joke beforehand, but during the service he started to flag slightly.

Anyone who has ever sat through a church service will know these events are not always the most dynamic, which doesn't help when you're knackered. It's basically someone chatting to you in an echoey room in a soothing voice, occasionally breaking into a dirgey song... it all adds up.

It started to become evident during the service that Prince William was struggling to keep his eyes open, and it's difficult to blame him for that. You'd have to imagine he's had a pretty disrupted sleep pattern over the past few days.


It's his first royal appearance since the birth of his third child on Monday. He's also got to contend with the fact that he now has three young children at home, Prince George is four years old and Charlotte is only two - kids of that age aren't exactly known for sleeping either.

The Anzac Day service commemorates the sacrifice made by soldiers from Australia and New Zealand and is held on the anniversary of Anzac (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) forces landing at Gallipoli in 1915.

Since then it has become a remembrance day for all Aussie and Kiwi forces members who have died in service.

William met with leaders and laid a wreath before the event, and, naturally, everyone wanted to know about the new arrival.


Sir Jerry Mateparae, New Zealand's High Commissioner to the UK, said he had asked William how Kate and the baby were getting on.

The duke said: "They're very well thanks."

He also added: "Sleeping's going reasonably well so far, so he's behaving himself which is good news."

Like a lot of people, Sir Jerry obviously has a couple of quid with the bookies on what the young lad's name will be. When the pair were introduced by the Dean of Westminster, the New Zealand official joked: "Jerry would like it to be Jerry."

William replied: "Jerry is a strong name."

So far, Alexander, Arthur, and Louis are the front runners, but the brave among us can still get odds of 500/1 on Nigel, Paddy, or Pep.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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