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Alton Towers crash amputee Leah Washington posts update ahead of wedding to boyfriend Joe Pugh

Alton Towers crash amputee Leah Washington posts update ahead of wedding to boyfriend Joe Pugh

She has given us another update on her life

Leah Washington has provided the public with another update on her relationship with her boyfriend.

Nine years on from the horror crash on a roller at Alton Towers, that both her and partner Joe Pugh were on, the two are now engaged and have posted a video on social media, revealing their plans for the upcoming wedding.

The couple have been engaged for over two years.

The accident occurred on the couple's first date in 2015, when the rollercoaster they were on suddenly crashed into a stationary cart in front of them, causing several serious injuries to those on board.

Leah was one of two passengers who had to have a leg amputated as a result of the crash, while Joe suffered shattered kneecaps, having to wait four hours while stranded on the ride before being rescued.

As a result of the crash, Leah has had a state-of-the-art £60,000 prosthetic leg put on, though it will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds over her lifetime due to the amount of times it will need to be replaced.

Despite the couple drifting apart, while attempting to cope with Leah's injuries, they are now happier than ever and more than two years engaged.

Leah and Joe travel the world together, as shown by their social media channels, as the Barnsley-born Leah re-learned to run and walk with her new prosthetic.

She has given us an insight into her wedding plans.

But it looks like there is an exciting update for the couple of almost 10 years, as they announced that they have officially given notice at town hall in Leeds to register their upcoming marriage, and went to Jo Malone to pick scents for their special day before enjoying a 'tipsy train ride' home.

The couple became engaged on 13 March 2022, with Leah posting about it the following day, saying: "So this happened yesterday… I SAID YES," showing off her new engagement ring.

Leah and Joe regularly go on exotic trips, most recently visiting Thailand, and previously hitting hotspots like Crete, Rome and Venice in Europe.

The couple have given notice to register their marriage.

It's clear that Joe's previous injuries and Leah's amputated leg hasn't stopped them from fighting through it, now reaping the rewards of a long-term relationship.

Although, their luck with travelling hasn't always been plain sailing, as Leah was caught in the air traffic chaos that ensued last summer in the UK, on the way back from her hen-do.

Fans, family and friends have continually supported the couple since the incident though, as they continue to provide us with updates on how they are doing, with their wedding expected to go ahead this summer.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@leahwashy

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