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Front-seat footage of Nemesis Reborn as rollercoaster finally reopens at Alton Towers

Front-seat footage of Nemesis Reborn as rollercoaster finally reopens at Alton Towers

It's like taking a trip down memory lane, with a twist

If you were wondering why Staffordshire seemed extra busy on Saturday, you must be one of the few people who were somehow unaware that one of Alton Tower's most iconic attractions was making an epic comeback over the weekend.

Thousands of thrill seekers flocked to the UK theme park to take a hair-raising ride on the new and improved Nemesis Reborn, as it has been given a much-needed facelift three decades after it's original debut.

Although it may be nerve-wracking and leave your stomach doing somersaults, the nostalgia you feel while buckled into the legendary rollercoaster will soon stifle your motion sickness.

Take a look at what a front-row seat on Nemesis Reborn looks like:

Believe me when I say, it's a white knuckle ride - I'd show you my obligatory rollercoaster picture as evidence, but the look on my face as we swung through another huge loop isn't exactly easy viewing.

As you can see from the footage, the Nemesis we know and love in the heart of Forbidden Valley hasn't been completely replaced, but rather given a 21st century transformation.

It's successor simply boasts all the bells and whistles which daredevils have been desperate for - such as state-of-the-art audio visual technology, a new magnetic braking system, immersive features and Hollywood-style props.

As well as a disused helicopter, the star of the show which certainly gets your nerves going is the giant animated red eye blinking back at you as you approach the attraction.

I mean, if looks could kill.

A front-row seat on Nemesis Reborn isn't for the faint hearted.
Alton Towers

Alton Towers went all out when it came to reimagining the appearance and the concept of Nemesis Reborn while maintaining its legacy, by refreshing the age-old tale which helped draw millions of people in in the first place.

The legend goes that a shadowy organisation, dubbed The Phalanx, have been keeping the Nemesis beast under control since 1994 by pinning it underneath the 250-tonne, 716-metre-long steel track.

But as is expected with a rollercoaster refurb, this has now been replaced - and the strange creature is now out for revenge after awaking, with Alton Towers promising she is 'angrier and more uncontrollable than ever'.

The theme park remain really committed to this bit too, even roping in actors to pose as members of the Phalanx and protestors who screamed 'Free Nemesis!' at the top of their lungs.

Nemesis Reborn boasts state-of-the-art tech to give you the ride of your life.
Alton Towers

But the beast hasn't done a bad job of making a bid for freedom anyway - as the tracks are now adorned with an extraordinary mural which shows off her blood-red tentacles that she has managed to wriggle out.

Local artists Rob Fenton, Ethan Lemon and Tom Addis painstakingly painted the approximately 53 pieces which make up the lengthy track over almost a month-period to produce the world's first rollercoaster mural.

However, most riders miss out on this incredible display while they're whooshing through the air at speeds of 50 miles per hour while reaching a 3.5 G-force - understandably, of course.

The added effects of a smoke machine and multiple mists being sprayed in your face only add to the disorientation you feel while riding Nemesis Reborn.

Expect a trip down memory lane, with a twist.
Alton Towers

You're left clinging on for dear life as you whizz around four full inversions, terrifying corkscrews and toe-curling drops.

Although it follows much of the same layout as its predecessor, the inverted rollercoaster is still full of surprises.

You ascend up the lift hill - the only piece of the original track which remains - like usual, hear that same familiar trundle of the mechanics as you climb higher and then embark on a trip down memory lane, with a twist.

The adrenalin certainly starts pumping as your flying over Alton Towers and realise you're over 40ft in the air - as the reality really sets in that it's a long way down.

The original Nemesis welcomed 52 million riders over it's 28-year tenure, but I reckon Nemesis Reborn might easily trounce that number in the next three decades.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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