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Amazon driver gets stuck when his sat nav takes him down narrow village road

Amazon driver gets stuck when his sat nav takes him down narrow village road

This proves exactly why we can't always rely on our trusty sat-navs!

An Amazon driver found himself in one hell of a squeeze when his sat-nav lead him and his 33-tonne lorry astray down a narrow street in Cornwall.

The driver was making his way to St Agnes on the North Coast when his van almost got wedged between a pair of Grade-II listed buildings.

The incident - which is more than likely the true nightmare of many UK motorist - happened just before 5pm on 18 August, with the Amazon lorry getting wedged between the Churchtown Arts store, Grove Cottage, and Stippy Stappy on Town Hill.

One local who witnessed the incident spoke with the driver to see what had happened.

The driver had put his faith in his sat-nav which sent him down an incredibly narrow road.
BPM Media/Cornwall Live

The driver explained that he'd put his faith in his trusty sat-nav but, on this particular occasion, it had caused him to misjudge the amount of space on the lane.

The local explained: "He wouldn't reverse and kept driving forward. After about 25 minutes and multiple dents on the vehicle he managed to free the lorry.

"I hope he hasn't damaged the grade-II listed buildings in the village."

The resident of St Agnes admitted that these kind of sat-nav fails have happened in the village before, but never with a 33-tonne vehicle.

He joked: "The lovely driver blamed [his] Sat nav. Don't Amazon sell proper sat-navs for HGVs?"

The lorry managed to get out with just a few scrapes and bumps.
BPM Media/Cornwall Live

It's not the first time an Amazon driver has found themselves in blunders like this one as in April this year, another courier for the online delivery company found themselves in deep water (almost) after ending up on a canal footpath in Lymm.

According to a passer-by, the driver had followed his sat nav onto the footpath and drove for around 300 yards before realising he was stuck. Recovery vehicles then had to come and 'rescue' the Amazon van from the Bridgewater Canal pathway and back onto the road.

However, it's not just couriers that have experienced tricky situations due to less than reliable sat-navs.

Two Swedes on holiday tried to drive to the island of Capri but instead ended up 400 miles away at the other end of the country after typing 'Carpi' into their sat nav, while a group of British tourists were stuck for four days when their sat nav sent them down a dirt track into the Australian outback.

Due to bad weather the road was closed and authorities were unable to rescue the group until weather conditions improved.

Featured Image Credit: BPM Media/Cornwall Live

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