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Man who bet life savings on single roulette spin has made another 'all or nothing' gamble

Man who bet life savings on single roulette spin has made another 'all or nothing' gamble

Gambled it all once? Let's do it again

Putting everything you have on one hand of roulette is a pretty brave move.

But the man who did just that is taking the plunge again 20 years down the line.

Back in 2004, Ashley Revell sold everything he had - his home, clothes, and personal belongings - to fund an all or nothing bet.

It saw him place more than £75,000 on a single hand of roulette at the Plaza Hotel & Casino.

Backing red, the bet thankfully came in leaving Ashley walking around Sin City with more than £150,000 in his back pocket.

This week, two decades on, LADbible tracked Ashley down after the clip went viral once again.

And the entrepreneur revealed he's once again risking it all.

Ashley Revell nowadays.

Ashley, 52, said he's taking part in yet another 'all or nothing' bet - this time in the world of business.

He's the man behind new tech start up company

The business is a brand new way of approaching URLs. Speaking to Ashley, he said it's 'like a memorable QR code but with words and colours instead'.

He said: "The business is only really just starting up but it's good to get going and it's exciting to come up with something that's brand new.

"It's another all or nothing move for me, I'm truly invested.

"I've always been lucky so far in life and I've always been positive, so I'm hoping this will be another win for me."

Ashley has put everything he has into the firm. So far the business has more than 1,000 users with clients already in the pipeline once, with its patent pending.

Ashley made his huge Vegas bet while appearing on Sky One reality show called Double or Nothing.

Ashley Revell hit headlines back in 2004.
Sky One

It saw him appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! over in the United States and This Morning back home in the UK.

After the win, he admitted it was 'very dangerous' to be walking around Vegas with £150,000 in his hands.

A lover of poker, one of his first acts after the win was to spend £10,000 taking part in the World Series of Poker; a move that he says he'll never regret.

He also had conversations with the production team behind ITV gameshow Red or Black?, with its creator Simon Cowell taking inspiration from Ashley's reality show appearance.

Outside of gambling, 2018 saw Ashley uncover a Bronze Age hoard while he was out with his metal detector near his home in Elham, Kent, with members of the Medway History Finders metal detecting group.

Speaking to Kent Online at the time, he said: “I hadn't found much all day, just the usual shotgun cartridges and bits of foil, then I had an interesting signal and dug up a piece of green metal.

Fancy a spin?
Simon Webb and Duncan Nicholls / Getty

“I got fed-up with digging up this 'scrap' and started to walk back to a tent that had been set up where members were sitting around the table taking a break.

"I got back to the tent and emptied my pockets into the 'scrap' bin, sat down and had a cup of tea.

"Then the club chairman went to empty his pockets into the bin and suddenly reached in and held up a piece of the 'scrap' I had put in there and said 'who put this in here?'"

Revell led the group back to where he found the ‘scrap’ only for them to discover rare items dating back to 900 and 800 BC. In total, they found 23 ingot fragments, two kilo complete 'bun' ingot and a selection of axes.

Featured Image Credit: Ashley Revell/LinkedIn/Simon Webb and Duncan Nicholls / Getty

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