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Brits all have same reaction to BBC announcing licence fee increase

Brits all have same reaction to BBC announcing licence fee increase

Telly-watchers will now have to pay an extra £10.50 per year

Thousands of Brits have been left - quite frankly - outraged today following an unexpected Government announcement.

This afternoon (7 December), it was revealed that we'd each have to fork out a whole extra TEN BRITISH POUNDS AND FIFTY BRITISH PENCE a year to acquire an annual TV licence.

With the ruthlessly ongoing cost of living crisis forcing many of us to tighten our purse strings, is it any surprise that a multitude of Brits have been left red-faced over having to drop an extra few pennies a month just to be able to watch our favourite shows?

This means the total we're forced to pay for a television licence per year has shot up to a staggering £169.50.

But why? Well, apparently, September's stomach-wrenching rate of inflation has determined the startling new figure, which is said to be less than the BBC or Office for Budget Responsibility had initially anticipated. Yay?

In a statement, the BBC Board said: "The BBC is focused on providing great value, as well as programmes and services that audiences love. However, this outcome will still require further changes on top of the major savings that we are already delivering.

"Our content budgets are now impacted, which in turn will have a significant impact on the wider creative sector across the UK. We will confirm the consequences of this as we work through our budgets in the coming months."

The price has increased by £10.50.

Despite the fact that culture secretary Lucy Frazer said earlier this week that she was concerned a 'significant rise' in the fee would add to cost of living pressures, many a UK citizen have since taken to social media to express their horror at the colossal upsurge.




One sarcastically wrote: "So the government thinks this is the right time to be increasing TV licence yeah?? Very good."

Another went on: "Needing a BBC licence fee to watch ANY live TV is a JOKE."

Someone else added: "Increasing the price of TV licence is wild."

Meanwhile, hundreds of comedically-minded fee-payers shared one particular GIF to reflect their thoughts on the matter.

The BBC presenter has been made into a GIF to depict their resentment over the price increase.

Earlier today, BBC News presenter Maryam Moshiri was caught off guard while live on air, as she was seen holding her middle finger up to the camera after the programme's musical countdown ended.

Moshiri has since posted about the incident to apologise and explained how 'it was a private joke with the team' and was not her 'intention for this to happen'.

The hilarious video has since been doing the rounds online, and has, quite fittingly, been used in the most common reaction to the TV licence price increase.

Sharing the GIF of the swearing presenter, one X user wrote: "And that's what I say to the TV licence."

While another penned: "Hi @BBC, here's what I think of your £10.50 TV licence fee rise."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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