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Couple devastated after finding out new home was 'worthless' when discovering huge mistake

Couple devastated after finding out new home was 'worthless' when discovering huge mistake

The Bradford family were shocked after reading the valuation.

This couple were in for a massive shock when they received the valuation of their new home.

Steph and Chris were first-time homeowners, snapping the three-bedroom home up with just £130,000 of their own money, with the remaining 20% paid for by the UK government through a help-to-buy scheme.

The married couple's joy was short lived though, as in 2015, when applying for a new mortgage, they couldn't believe what the value of their house was.

Due to construction issues that were not properly assessed upon completion, the Bradford home was worth a grand total of £0.

But it wasn't just them on the estate, as all 13 houses had the same issues that were missed, which was revealed on a damning episode of BBC One's Rip Off Britain show, four years ago.

Chris, a father of two and a graphic designer, expressed how he felt on the show: "It's a mess. We feel let down by the systems in this country.

"There's been so many people who we should have been able to trust and rely on and no one wants to help."

And there was more, as the developers behind the estate, Sherwood Homes, went bankrupt in February, leaving residents and their families with thousands of pound worth of unfinished work.

Chris further revealed: "We tried to contact Sherwood Homes. There was no reply. They stopped answering phone lines and emails. We were in a state of panic."

The couple, like others on the estate, were shocked to find out that their homes were worth nothing.

Another problem with the homes were their proximity to an antiquated landfill site, which, despite being inactive for over 40 years, still releases fatal methane gas when merged with any other gas.

The plan was for builders to add a safeguarding layer under each home's flooring, but residents weren't sure if they did this at all, or properly, based on their experience.

House buying pro Gary Rycroft explained that inhabitants should express their complaints and concerns about the solicitors that were handling the purchases instead.

He said: "The conveyancing solicitor on the face of it hasn't spotted various issues you would expect them to spot."

The home lost all of its value.

A representative from Bradford Council expressed regret about the situation to The Mirror, saying they have been 'let down' by the agencies and developers, but that the Council have supported residents throughout.

They also revealed that some residents have taken legal action against the developer's agencies, which the Council encourages.

A spokesperson from Homes England also told the Mirror that they spoke in particular to Chris and Steph, acknowledging the stressful situation they are in and said that Homes England will stop collecting interest on similar loans fromt hose affected by this problem.

LADbible have reached out to Bradford Council and Homes England for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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