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Britain's oldest dad who had baby at 78 sadly died last year

Britain's oldest dad who had baby at 78 sadly died last year

He had a baby at the age of 78 back in 2010

The man who became Britain's oldest dad when he had a baby at the age of 78 sadly died last year.

Back in 2010, a former market trader by the name of Raymond Calvert became a father for the seventh time after his partner Charlotte gave birth to their son Jamie Rai.

Charlotte was 54 years younger than Raymond, who according to the Daily Mirror he first met after a three year relationship with her mother.

His obituary in Pendle Today noted that he died on 1 December 2022 at the age of 91 years old.

The Sun reported that Raymond had been in hospital after a fall.

The paper had spoken to him after he and Charlotte welcomed the birth of their son in 2010.

Raymond Calvert had a baby aged 78 with his 25-year-old girlfriend.

"Yes, you get some plonkers who tell me, 'You'll never see him grow up'. But we've no regrets at all," Raymond said at the time his seventh child had been born.

"I am the most fortunate man in the world. It makes me feel 10ft tall.

"The baby was planned and I did not use Viagra or anything like that.

"I didn't actually think at my age that it would be possible to have a child, but he's a beautiful little fella.

"I feel blessed. I look at that baby and I think, 'He's so b****y healthy and good-looking, how did I make that'?

"For an older man, it's just amazing.

"I love him to bits and I would give my life for the little guy. Some people will say ‘How do you manage to pull such a young bird?’ And I just respond, ‘You'd better ask my partner’.

"I've always had women 20 to 25 years younger than me.”

Raymond's girlfriend Charlotte (right) was originally friends with his daughter (left).

Raymond's funeral service was held on 21 December last year, with his family 'heartbroken' at his loss.

While he was Britain's oldest dad, Raymond being 78 when his seventh child was born still made him quite a few years short of the world's oldest dad.

The same year that Calvert's seventh baby was born, Indian man Ramjit Raghav welcomed his first son at the age of 94 and two years later his family had a second son.

Raghav, who died in 2020 having passed 100 years of age, credited his longevity and fertility to being a vegetarian for his entire life.

He ended up appearing in a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) campaign in India after the birth of his second son as the group declared: "Vegetarians Still Got It at Age 96."

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