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Brit couple caught 'stealing hotel guest's handbag' from sun lounger before withdrawing £830

Brit couple caught 'stealing hotel guest's handbag' from sun lounger before withdrawing £830

The pair were caught red-handed

Sun loungers have always been a hot point of tension when it comes to Brits abroad.

From holidaymakers queuing up a whole two hours at crack of dawn to secure the best spots to other tourists being caught in an 'absolutely ridiculous' war to reserve the sacred sun loungers at 7:00pm in the evening - there's clearly a lot of drama when it comes to the sacred reclining spots.

But the latest in the sunbed saga is far more sinister, with one British couple caught 'stealing hotel guest's handbag' from a sun lounger before withdrawing £830 from their account.

A British couple were caught stealing a woman's handbag before splashing out on a major shopping spree.

The pair were captured on CCTV and can be seen committing the offence after sneaking into the swanky hotel in the Turkish city of Marmaris.

Images from the incident also show the couple in handcuffs as they are taken to a local police station after they nabbed the hotel guest's bag, and used her credit card to fork out nearly a grand on a shopping spree.

The woman whose bag they stole had absolutely no idea until she received the dreaded notification on her phone that a whopping £829 had been withdrawn from her account.

Turkish police were able to discover the theft using the hotel's CCTV cameras, with detectives spending hours analysing footage across the city to track the movements of the thieves.

Detectives were eventually able to locate the couple at their hotel in the Armutalan District just a few hours after the initial offence took place.

The stolen handbag, along with the items inside it, was finally recovered in their hotel room and rightfully returned to the victim.

Police have since revealed that the British man, 34, had been released on bail after being interviewed at station.

The 32-year-old woman he was with, however, was being kept in custody per local media reports.

In slightly lighter news, a different couple who were furious at 'sun lounger hoggers' have been praised for their act of 'petty' revenge.

The pair were later arrested by Turkish police.

The pair, Thom and Lisa, were outraged after waking up at the crack of dawn and noticed the sun loungers near the pool at their resort were already claimed.

The Aussies first saw the unattended beach towels at the Grand Barong Resort in Bali just before 6:30 am on Wednesday (14 June) morning.

They ended up waiting until 2pm and the guests who had put their towels out at 6:30am were still nowhere to be seen.

As a result, the pair decided to toss them aside and take the seats for themselves.

But the people who put them there showed up at 3:30pm and their reaction was 'priceless', according to Thom.

Taking to Facebook, he wrote: "We woke up this morning [and] noticed towels already placed on the afternoon shade sun beds.

"We went about our day and eventually arrived at the pool at 1pm to the beds untouched, nobody in sight. At 2pm we told pool staff we were moving the towels as nobody had been on them.

"We then waited until 3:30pm for them to eventually arrive and the realisation that their spots are gone, iPads and books in hand was priceless."

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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