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Builder who constructed new-build home around lamppost hits back at critics

Builder who constructed new-build home around lamppost hits back at critics

He has hit back at criticism over him building a house around a lamppost

A builder has hit back at criticism after he was forced to build a house around a lamppost.

Builder Dave Green had no choice but to proceed with the plans as he noticed the lamppost was set back further than the rest on Whiteacre Road in Ashton-under-Lyne.

The elusive lamppost was placed exactly where the fascias were meant to go, so he built the house regardless and sealed the post into the roof tiles.

Improvise, adapt, overcome and all that.

A photo of his improvisation made the rounds on social media, leaving several people amused by the design.

One humourously said: "The cost of street lighting going through the roof!"

However, a resident who lives on the same street - where houses are priced between £85,000 and £150,000 - said: "It does look odd. To me, it's the council's fault. They've approved the plans knowing the lamp post was there."

The 52-year-old claims that he told the told the owner before construction that they would need to move the lamppost first though.

They built the house around the lamppost obstacle.

"Everything runs level with the pavement on that road, all the houses are level, I can't move that one back." Dave explained.

"I've built it how it is set out in the drawings, that end house is nearly finished, we've got the plasterers in and they're nearly done."

The experienced builder further explained that it is just a temporary measure and that they sealed it securely, if not it would have been damp.

Dave insists that the fascias are pinned in, there's no soffits underneath it and they've had to build around the lamppost or risk holding the construction up for three months.

"It'll be a case of moving a couple of tiles, letting the council remove the lamppost, then we can patch it up and fit the soffits."

That's a shame, I'd think a lamppost running through your roof would be a real conversation-starter at parties.

Planning application drawings showed that the house would be situated near to the lamp.

Builder Dave Green insists that it is just a temporary measure.

There was actually no mention of the lamppost being in the end of the row at all in the approved planning permission documents in February 2020.

The decision to approve the documents were made based on plans showing the lamppost standing next to the property, and not through the roofline.


A Tameside Council spokesperson said: “We have spoken to the developer and they have agreed to remove the lamppost and replace it nearer a neighbouring boundary wall.

"The Council will do the work of moving the lamppost on the developer’s behalf, subject to receiving payment from them." They added.

Well, if you want to see the masterpiece, head down/up to Ashton-under-Lyne quickly!

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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