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Tom Moore’s daughter hits back at people who say she shouldn’t have kept £800,000 meant for charity

Tom Moore’s daughter hits back at people who say she shouldn’t have kept £800,000 meant for charity

She admitted they kept £800,000 that people thought would go to charity

The daughter of Captain Sir Tom Moore has responded to people who believe she shouldn't have kept £800,000 from the sale of his books.

Hannah Ingram-Moore said her family kept the money from the sale of three books by her father, even though in the prologue of one of them it indicated that profits from the book would go to charity.

"These were my father's books and it was honestly such a joy for him to write them, but they were his books," she told Piers Morgan on TalkTV.

"The deal was done, he had an agent, and the agent Anthony worked on that deal. They were Captain Tom's books and his wishes were that that money sit in Club Nook."

She then confirmed that he had told her 'specifically' that her father wanted his family to have the proceeds from his books.

Captain Tom wrote three books and his daughter said he wanted her to have the money they made.
Emma Sohl - Capture the Light Photography via Getty Images

Ingram-Moore then insisted that there was 'absolutely not' part of the contract which required the money to go to Captain Tom's foundation.

She said that the books were 'never anything to do with the charity' before being asked what she would have to say to people who believed she should have given the £800,000 to charity.

Ingram-Moore said: "They were my father's books, he wrote them and he decided what to do with the income from them.

"It was his wishes, not ours. He made the decision about the things that he did, we didn't act for him."

The family were then asked whether they'd still keep the money if they could do things over again, with Hannah's husband Colin confirming that they would.

He said: "It was his money, his income, and just because the charity happened to be called the Captain Tom Foundation doesn't mean that his assets are all suddenly owned by it."

The family did admit that they could have 'done it in a different way' when it came to making money from his books and running his charitable foundation.

Hannah Ingram-Moore responded to people who thought she shouldn't have kept the money.
Talk TV/X

In addition to the controversial £800,000 from the sale of her father's books, Ingram-Moore has also faced criticism over payments and salaries from her time running the Captain Tom Foundation.

She claims that the thousands of people who bought her father’s books were under no illusions that the money was going to charity and said the backlash had been 'utterly devastating'.

Her family has also faced backlash after attempting to build a spa which they have since been instructed to demolish.

LADbible has previously attempted to contact the Captain Tom Moore Foundation for a comment.

Captain Sir Tom Moore raised £38.9 million for the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic after walking 100 times around his garden for his 100th birthday.

Between the beginning of the pandemic and his death in February 2021, he released three books, One Hundred Steps, Captain Tom's Life Lessons, and an autobiography Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day.

The full interview will be broadcast on Talk TV at 8pm.

Featured Image Credit: TalkTV/Emma Sohl - Capture the Light Photography/Getty Images

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