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Captain Sir Tom Moore's family defend building unauthorised spa 'in his name' at their home

Captain Sir Tom Moore's family defend building unauthorised spa 'in his name' at their home

Last month, planning bosses ordered the construction to be demolished

Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family have defended building an unauthorised home spa at their home under the name of the charity set up after his death in 2021.

Hannah Ingram-Moore and her husband, Colin, had initially applied for permission in 2021 to build a 'Captain Tom Building' in the grounds of their home in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, using the foundation’s name on the first plans.

They had said that the site would be used ‘in connection with The Captain Tom Foundation and its charitable objectives’, and was ‘for use by occupiers’.

A view of the home of Hannah Ingram-Moore, the daughter of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore, at Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire.

The Ingram-Moores' initial plans were accepted by Central Bedfordshire Council, but officials later refused a retrospective application from 2022 for another bigger building that contained the spa pool.

Last month, planning bosses ordered the construction to be demolished, as plans for a building with spa pool had been rejected.

A spokesperson for the council said: "An enforcement notice requiring the demolition of the now-unauthorised building was issued and this is now subject to an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate."

However, the demolition order is subject to an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

In documents submitted for the appeal, the Ingram-Moores defended the building, with Colin saying: "The subject building is no more overbearing than the consented scheme.

"The view is virtually identical save for a pitch roof being added to the elevational treatment. The heights are the same. As such there cannot be an unacceptable overbearing impact."

He said there were ‘no grounds supporting the refusal of the retrospective application’, asking the Planning Inspectorate to uphold the family’s appeal, with a date for the hearing yet to be set.

Central Bedfordshire Council said it believes there were 'significant differences' between the approved building and the one that was actually created.

Hannah Ingram-Moore.

It said it had considered how 'the size and scale of the unauthorised building' had an 'adverse impact' on neighbouring properties, following complaints by a number of locals.

Jilly Bozdogan, whose garden backs up against the Ingram-Moores' home, said the new addition is an ‘eyesore’.

Bozdogan, who lives with her 99-year-old retired mother, claims that trees had to be taken down to accommodate the building, saying she and her mum are now overlooked.

She told the BBC: "When we saw it [the home spa], I was appalled.

"It obviously didn't adhere to the planning application they submitted and, to be honest, it's an eyesore."

Vanessa Fraser, who also lives nearby, added: "I think it's a shame for Capt Sir Tom Moore's legacy that it's brought the village into disrepute a little bit. He'd done such great work for charity.

"We can see it [the home spa building] from the road. But I don't think anyone would have objected if they'd gone through the correct channels."

Featured Image Credit: Charlotte Tattersall/Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty

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