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Seemingly innocent photo actually contains chilling warning

Seemingly innocent photo actually contains chilling warning

This ominous optical illusion serves as a blunt reminder about keeping your eye on the ball - among other things.

This seemingly innocent photo is actually on a mission to deliver a stark warning to Brits.

It's an ominous optical illusion which serves as a blunt reminder about keeping your eye on the ball - among other things.

The image, shot from inside a car, shows a damp and dismal UK street with oncoming traffic - nothing new there.

But its the subliminal message in this snap that is the important part.

Can you spot the looming danger in this photo?
Christian Thomas

Your 20/20 vision won't help you now - this is about perception, especially if you are a driver in the UK.

As you may have noticed, the image is taken from the perspective of a motorist and shows what they would see out of their windscreen.

So, have a good look at the grainy picture and see if you can spot anything that would be important if you were behind the wheel.

The majority of people don't notice anything out of the ordinary, as the path ahead seems clear.

And that's exactly the point - as the winter months roll in and nights get darker, motorists need to be on the ball.

Because believe it or not, there is actually a small child waiting to cross the road on the edge of the pavement.

But as the youngster is dressed in all-black, they blend in with the tree trunk and are pretty much impossible to see.

This photo hopes to remind both drivers and parents of the importance of road safety to avoid any tragic accidents.

Parents have been urged to dress their kids in bright colours during winter.
Christian Thomas

It proves that sending your kid out in all-black could be a recipe for disaster, so consider choosing brightly-coloured clobber instead.

Road safety experts have circulated the image to remind Brits that winter fashion choices can sometimes be a matter of life and death.

Most people are left stunned that there is actually a child in the first image.

The thought-provoking snap was created by Christian Thomas, who works for the Swiss Expert Council For Road Safety.

It's the perfect storm - gloomy weather, dark clothing and a distracted driver.

People could hardly believe there was a kid in the first image.
Christian Thomas

Some parents suggested adding reflective materials to their kid's clothing to make sure they are visible when it goes dark.

And don't forget to stop, look and listen before you cross the road. The old ones work the best!

The pavements and roads are set to become a precarious place as early as this weekend - because snow could be coming.

So take extra care out there, everyone.

Featured Image Credit: Christian Thomas

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