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Crooked House owners ordered to rebuild 'Britain's Wonkiest Pub' after it was destroyed

Crooked House owners ordered to rebuild 'Britain's Wonkiest Pub' after it was destroyed

Owners have been served a notice by the council

The owners of 'Britain's wonkiest pub', located in Dudley, have been ordered to rebuild following a fire.

South Staffordshire Council has told the owners via an enforcement notice today (27 February).

A statement reads: "The council has engaged with the owners since the demolition but has reached a point where formal action is considered necessary.

"The enforcement notice is for the unlawful demolition of the building, which is a breach of planning control.

"It requires the building to be built back to what it was prior to the fire.

"The notice specifies the materials etc which must be used to rebuild the building."

The Crooked House before its demolition.
Wikimedia Commons/Peter Broster

Leader of the Council, Councillor Roger Lees BEM said: "A huge amount of time and resources have been put into investigating the unauthorised demolition of the Crooked House.

"We have had great support from the local community, our MPs and the Mayor of the West Midlands, and from the campaign group whose aim is to see the Crooked House back to its former glory which is the key objective of the Enforcement Notice.

"We have not taken this action lightly, but we believe that it is right to bring the owners, who demolished the building without consent, to account and we are committed to do what we can to get the Crooked House rebuilt."

Sadly, in August last year, the property burned to the ground following a fire.

Fire services were alerted to billowing smoke spotted coming from the infamous wonky building.

The fire destroyed the building.
Facebook/The Crooked House

The fire happened just days after it was announced the building had been sold to a private buyer for 'an alternative use'.

Prior to the blaze, a man named Paul Turner launched a petition addressing reports The Crooked House had been sold to 'a private buyer for alternative use' by independent brewing and pub retailing business, Marston's.

The petition urged people to sign to help save the 'wonderful tourist attraction' from being 'demolished'.

The page reads: "Properly marketed, it will attract visitors from all over the world. To demolish it and use the site for another purpose would mean the loss of this iconic and beautiful building.

"There are many organisations including breweries, tourism companies, the National Trust, the local council and maybe other businesses who could rescue the Crooked House and all avenues must be exhausted to avoid later regret after it is lost.

"Once it is demolished, it will be too late to go back."

Featured Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons Mike Kemp/Getty

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