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Dad wears muzzle to pub and drinks pint through straw in solidarity with XL Bully

Dad wears muzzle to pub and drinks pint through straw in solidarity with XL Bully

A dad held a protest over the new XL bully laws by wearing a muzzle at the pub.

A dad has made his feelings clear against the new XL bully dog law by drinking a pint in his local pub with a muzzle on.

In solidarity with the soon-to-be banned dog breed, Eamonn Mcgeady, from Chester, decided to wear a matching protective guard at the Straw Hat on New Year's Day with his dog Lexi

The 51-year-old was also joined by his daughter Elle, 19, who watched her dad order a pint and drink it through a straw.

She says the act made her proud as her father did it to make a point about the upcoming XL bully ban.

From 1 February, it will be a criminal offence to own an XL bully dog in England and Wales without a Certificate of Exemption. And it became a legal requirement for the dogs to wear a muzzle while out in public on New Year's Eve.

This comes after a number of XL bully attacks happened up and down the country in recent months, a few of which resulted in death.

Elle, an apprentice engineer, said: "I just don't agree with the muzzle. We’d be happy enough to walk her on a lead but we’re not happy with the muzzle - it’s just not nice to see.

A dad has made his attentions clear against the new XL bully laws by drinking in his local pub with a muzzle on.

“She hides when going on a walk now because she knows she has to wear it. Other dogs want to bully her now that she’s on a lead with a muzzle on.

“Before people would come up and give her a stroke and a pat but now we’re getting more evil looks off people instead."

She went on: “We got to the pub and everyone was laughing about it - I was proud [of him] and happy to see him wearing it.

"Dad was drinking pints using a straw through the muzzle and getting on the floor with Lexi to play around with her.

“He wanted to show her there was a person was wearing it and it wasn’t just for her. The people we walked past were praising him for it, saying it showed he’s good owner.”

Elle says it’s unfair to have to muzzle her family pet, adding: “Every time we take her for a walk she’s hurting herself trying to scratch it off.

“[Dad was wearing the muzzle to] show people who think these dogs have a bad reputation that they’re not actually that bad and it’s not fair.

Eamonn wore the muzzle to show 'these dogs have a bad reputation that they’re not actually that bad and it’s not fair'.

“We completely disagree with the rules, we agree that something needed to happen because of the amount of attacks that were happening, some action should have been taken.

“We've only had Lexi for about four months, and we want her life to be as playful and joyful as we can make it. It’s sad to see that she’s so young and for rest of her life she won’t experience being off lead again.”

A Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs statement said: "Owners are also being urged to apply to register their current XL bully dogs, as the Government takes action to safely manage the existing population of the breed.

"There is only a month left to meet the deadline when the ban comes into force on 1 February.

"Owning an unregistered dog after this date will be a criminal offence, with owners who don’t facing a criminal record and an unlimited fine.

"Owners who do not want to keep their dogs after this date should take them to a vet to have them put down. "

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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