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Home expert offers £8 radiator hack that saves '50 percent of heat' this winter

Home expert offers £8 radiator hack that saves '50 percent of heat' this winter

A DIY expert has suggested a small project that could make radiators more effective at keeping you warm

The winter months are well and truly here, and with that comes shorter days, lower temperatures and frost all over cars and garage roofs.

It is a nice thought to stay curled up at home with a hot drink away from the cold outdoors, but many find that it is also chilly inside too.

To combat this and the increased bill costs, there are many home DIY hacks that people use to try and fight the freezing temperatures.

A home expert has revealed one trick that you can use to heat your home more efficiently without increasing the temperature of your thermostat or leaving radiators on for longer.

'The Property Guy' on TikTok, real name Kyle Mattison, has shared an easy home DIY hack that is incredibly easy to do that could save people a lot of money.

All is needed is some radiator reflector foil and it can be set up very quickly.

He describes the foil as 'easy to install', as the video shows him putting double-sided tape on the four corners of the radiator foil and sticking it to the wall behind the radiator.

Kyle also recommends that you use it on radiators that are connected to external walls, as this reduces the heat that escapes to the outdoors.

It essentially reflects heat back into the room that would otherwise be wasted on the other side of the wall.

The materials needed to do this yourself are not hard to find, as radiator foil can be bought for just £7.99 from ScrewFix, or they can even be found at DIY stores like B&Q for £12.99.

They are described to 'reduce energy consumption' in your home and 'reduce heating costs', while ScrewFix claims the foil can 'cut heat loss by up to 50%'.

This DIY hack is extremely easy to do and could save a lot of money on bills.

It has however, been suggested that a cheaper alternative was kitchen foil, easily accessible for just 99p from Morrisons.

But this ultimately is not the case, and there are some major reasons behind why kitchen foil should not be used as a substitute for radiator reflector foil.

Kitchen foil will crinkle and is not likely to stay in the same position for extended periods of time, and over time it will oxidise and degrade, decreasing its already lacking ability to reflect heat.

Radiator reflector foil though, provides an easy DIY solution to those looking to reduce heat loss and save on energy costs this winter, all for less than a tenner.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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