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UK driver’s ‘shortcut’ hack on motorway leaves people furious

UK driver’s ‘shortcut’ hack on motorway leaves people furious

The brazen driver was filmed in action

A driver has been slammed for taking a dangerous shortcut to speed through traffic.

The online uproar centres around the person behind the wheel of an orange Nissan Qashqai.

A ticked off truck driver filmed the brazen technique and shared it on social media, branding the motorist 'stupid' and saying they 'could have caused a crash'.

Take a look here:

In the footage, the motorist can be seen storming down an empty lane - but its a clear run for a reason.

The Qashqai driver was in fact hogging the motorway's hard shoulder, which is illegal unless its in an emergency.

Even though they look like a simple get out of jail free card when stuck in gridlock traffic, you should never use it.

The hard shoulder is the only safe refuge from the flow of cars for broken-down vehicles on busy motorways.

As well as this, they double as a lane for emergency vehicles to use when their en route to an urgent call.

Drivers can be slapped with a hefty fine for inappropriate use of the hard shoulder.

The driver tried to jib down the hard shoulder to beat the traffic.

According to the Highway Code, the only exception is when you are directed into the lane 'in an emergency or by police, traffic officers or a traffic sign'.

People taking the supposed 'shortcut' and illegally using the hard shoulder as a traffic lane will be penalised.

You could be slapped with a £100 fine as well as three points on your licence for the rule breaking.

Which isn't really worth it to hop a few cars in front.

The video of the Qashqai driver caused fury among other motorists.

The bloke who uploaded the video to TikTok went on to clear up any speculation about their reasoning in the comments.

He explained that he 'wasn't having any issues' and had used the hard shoulder to 'get to the slip road' before them.

The truck driver had a few choice words for the motorist.

A similar debate previously rubbed drivers up the wrong way, as a driver shared his 'roundabout slingshot' trick.

Rather than queuing in the left-hand lane and taking your chance to turn off along with all the other cars queuing to do the same thing, he charged down the empty right-hand lane, went all the way round the roundabout and then exited onto the turning he wanted.

TikToker @jobbertok said the roads were 'absolutely slammed' so he decided to use his initiative to beat the traffic.

Though some people praised it as a 'great idea', others weren't happy with his queue jumping.

Featured Image Credit: blairo2021/tiktok

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