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Family accused of having 10 pints and £260 meal before leaving without paying bill

Family accused of having 10 pints and £260 meal before leaving without paying bill

The restaurant has said the family have until Friday before they call the police

A restaurant is threatening to turn a family's details over to the police after accusing them of running off after racking up a bill of over £260.

The Britannia Inn and Restaurant in the village of Par, Cornwall, recently took to Facebook to post the pictures of a family they claim dined and dashed.

They claim that on the afternoon of Saturday, 28 October a dozen diners had a meal at the restaurant between 2pm and 4pm before leaving without paying their bill.

Claiming that the group 'walked out without paying', the restaurant said the diners had been caught on camera and appealed to the public for any information.

That proved to be a fruitful approach as the restaurant later updated their post to say they'd got the names of the adults at the table, saying that the family had until Friday (3 November) morning to own up or they'd give those names over to the police.

Facebook/Britannia Inn and Waves Restaurant

The police had already been told about the family but it appears as though the restaurant is planning to escalate things unless the diners accused of running off without paying do nothing.

A member of staff at the restaurant told the Daily Mail that the alleged dine and dash incident was 'clearly planned', with them claiming the group 'watched and waited for our staff to exit the room for 45 seconds before all running out the door'.

"They looked as if they were taking kids to the play area in the garden but they just left," the staff member said.

"Normally we take bookings for groups over 10 but during half term we do sometimes have large family groups walk in so obviously they didn't give us any details. You don't expect it in the main restaurant.

"They didn't order the largest or most expensive meals or anything that would raise a red flag, some of the kids shared meals. They weren't rude or anything but the CCTV just shows them deliberately getting up and going."

The restaurant also posted a picture of a car they believed the family had travelled in.
Facebook/Britannia Inn and Waves Restaurant

The unpaid bill came to £260.50 in total and included 10 Stellas and four Madris.

They're not the only restaurant to recently shame a group of diners for appearing to do a runner without paying their bill.

Over in Kent the Stubbs Restaurant took to social media to tell a group 'please come back and pay your bill' after they ordered £489.90 worth of food and drinks.

The restaurant wrote: "We are a private restaurant and will not survive with you doing this to us.

"You ate all of your meal and we gave you fabulous service… yet you drove off, as fast as you could, without paying."

Featured Image Credit: Britannia Inn and Waves Restaurant

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