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Dad stunned after catching 'ghost arm' reaching into child's cot through baby monitor

Dad stunned after catching 'ghost arm' reaching into child's cot through baby monitor

Footage from the baby monitor appears to show an arm going into the cot

A shocked dad reckons he caught the moment a ghost appeared on his son’s baby monitor. Spooky, eh?

The appropriately named William Grave was looking through footage from the baby monitor for his young son Xander, when he noticed some strange activity at 6.50am.

See what you make of the alleged spectre in the video below:

After checking the footage, filmed on 5 February, on his phone, Grave says he spotted a ghostly hand reaching into nine-month-old Xander’s cot while he slept.

Grave, from Sheffield in South Yorkshire, said: "This was the first night the baby monitor had been set up as it was the first time my little one spent a night in his room alone.

"As a parent you just want to make sure they have had a good night's sleep which is why I checked the app in the morning.

"I noticed there was some activity at 6.50am and we didn't go into his room until 8.24 am as he didn't wake up until then.

"In the video I saw an arm reaching into the cot and it looked like it was going in to pick his dummy up.

William Grave with son Xander.
Kennedy News and Media

"I was looking for a logical explanation behind it [the arm in the cot] and I must have annoyed my wife all day as I kept saying to her 'it must have been you'.

"But she watched the footage and the arm didn't have her Pandora bracelet on so we knew it wasn't her."

Grave has lived in the house since he was 19 and says this isn’t the first time he’s experienced paranormal phenomenon there.

He's had to put up with so much spooky business he's written a book called The Lady in the Bay Window about it all - and claims the titular woman has been seen five times by four different people

Grave said: "When me and my wife went on our first date she saw this lady in my house and my brother, work and school friend have seen her and they all described her exactly the same.

The dad says a ghostly arm appeared in his son's cot.
Kennedy News and Media

"[The arm in the cot] could have potentially belonged to this woman.

"It would also be lovely to think that it's a relative that has passed watching over our child.

"I lost my mum last May to cancer and have since written a book about our haunted house with all the proceeds going to Cavendish Cancer Care in Sheffield who looked after my mum.

"It would be lovely to think it was my mum but I don't know who it is. I just know it is not me or my wife."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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