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Guy interrupts ceremony to propose to girlfriend in the middle of her graduation

Britt Jones

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Graduation is one of the most memorable days of your life, just like a marriage proposal. But what happens when the two events suddenly combine?

That’s what happened when an unaware student went to pick up her diploma in front of a hefty crowd and left the stage with both a ring and a certificate.

A student at Newcastle University was at a loss for words when her boyfriend surprised her at their graduation event with a shock marriage proposal.

He proposed on stage. Credit: Twitter / @UniofNewcastle
He proposed on stage. Credit: Twitter / @UniofNewcastle

In a clip shared by the university, it shows her approaching the stage at King’s Hall in Newcastle to collect her certificate when suddenly, her long-time boyfriend got down on one knee to make her his wife.

As the audience echoed some gasps, the woman appeared to be momentarily stunned by the unexpected proposal, but quickly nodded her head and the crowd went wild as he slid the ring in place.

Newcastle University shared the clip of the graduation ceremony proposal, on Twitter which reached 2.1 million views in just one day, celebrating their graduate students and their next big step into life together.

Captioning the clip: "There’s more than one way to make your day in King’s Hall memorable #WeAreNCL #NCLGrad", the pair received a standing ovation by guests and academics alike.


Though, whilst everyone in attendance seemed to be ecstatic about the event, Twitter decided to do what it does best and quickly he was slated for ruining her day with a proposal.

Accusing the groom-to-be of stealing his fiancé’s limelight and graduation experience, they came out in full force to call the loved-up lad out.

One user couldn’t pinpoint why they hated the video so much, writing: “Do you know what the worst thing about this is? All of it.”

Another shared their sentiment in a reply: “It’s awful. Poor lady. One of the best days of her life hijacked by a rather selfish prat.”

The audience loved it but Twitter didn't. Credit: Twitter / @UniofNewcastle
The audience loved it but Twitter didn't. Credit: Twitter / @UniofNewcastle

A third person wrote out a list of things to note for the male species: “Note for men, DO NOT DO THIS!!!”

“1. This moment was not about you.”

She continued: “2. Mass public proposals mean your intended feels pushed to perform for the crowd, meaning they can’t express the emotion or response they want.”


Finally, the third tip was: “If you want to spend your life with someone, know what things are about intimacy and romance, and what are about your ego... I can assure you, nothing about this is romantic.”

But this wasn’t all, if fact, there were hundreds of tweets from users with the same concern, that he had ruined her moment.

Even though the couple involved seemed to be shocked and happy with the proposal - and acceptance of said proposal -Twitter proves once again that simply can't please them all.

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Britt Jones
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