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Energy expert tells Brits exact date you should consider turning the heating back on

Energy expert tells Brits exact date you should consider turning the heating back on

An energy expert has offered tips for the winter as the nights start to get colder

An energy expert has offered a tip for when you should turn your heating back on this year.

As the nights draw in and the cold days start to arrive, no-one wants to go home to a cold house, do they?

Well, the good news is that – if you can afford it – most of us can stick on the heating and create ourselves an oasis of warmth in the British winter.

Of course, it’s expensive, and we’ll get to how much it’s going to cost before too long, but it’s definitely one of the highlights of the day, warming your backside against a toasty radiator.

With the prices being as they are, you want to be careful about when to put it on, though.

After all, you don’t want to be costing yourself unnecessary money.

So, with that in mind, an energy expert has provided the date that he tells most people to get their heating back on.

The heating is set to be expensive again this year.
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Andy Kerr, who works for BOXT – a leading boiler company – explained how waiting until the hour changes is probably the strategy he’d recommend.

Speaking with the Liverpool Echo, he said: "While some might delay putting the heating on to save money, many are turning it on sooner rather than later to combat that chilly feeling.

"Experts recommend turning on your central heating on around the 29th of October, as this is when daylight saving time ends and temperatures begin to fall.

“We always advise keeping your thermostat at a minimum of 10 degrees to protect your pipes from freezing.

"Frozen pipes not only stop your heating from working properly, but can lead to costly complications, including burst pipes and plumber call-out fees, and it is ideal to ensure your heating system works reliably before the really cold weather arrives."

And if you are struggling to keep the heating on, Andy also had some tips for keeping the house warmer this winter.

Choose wisely when you're about to put the heating back on.
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It starts with having the boiler serviced, which – he claims – could save you up to 10 percent on your heating bill.

He also recommends keeping your radiators open and unblocked, positioning furniture a bit away from them.

Contrary to what you might believe, he also suggests that you shouldn’t dry your clothes on the radiator, too.

If that’s an option for you, anyway.

As for when you should have it on, Andy recommends the morning and during the day whilst you’re at home, so set it to go on before you wake up, then have it go off an hour after you leave or go to sleep.

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