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Man charges his own wife £700 after spending six hours deep cleaning the house

Man charges his own wife £700 after spending six hours deep cleaning the house

Marc Hatch reckons his other half 'got a bargain' for all the hard work he put in to cleaning the pad - that they both share.

A ballsy bloke handed his own wife a £700 bill after he spent six hours deep cleaning the house.

Marc Hatch reckons his other half Jasmine 'got a bargain' for all the hard work he put in to cleaning the property - which they both share with their three children.

The businessman, who owns carpet and upholstery cleaning company Clean Me, explained he had a tough job on his hands when he got to work sprucing up a large corner sofa, three bedroom carpets and a stone floor.

After bending over backwards to get it done over a six hour period, the 39-year-old shared a post on Facebook explaining that his 'customer' had been 'absolutely delighted' with the results...but there was one major issue.

Taking to social media, he claimed that despite transforming the state of the furniture and flooring, there had been 'a very unfortunate incident when a customer refused to pay'.

The post read: "Last week we had a very unfortunate incident when a customer refused to pay!

"After cleaning a large corner sofa, 3 bedroom carpets and a stone floor the customer informed us she was absolutely delighted with the results! Great news, or so we thought!"

Marc Hatch decided to spruce up the family home... but it didn't come cheap.
Kennedy News and Media

Marc complained that he was still out of pocket for the job, which he estimated would have cost £700 to complete.

But it turned out that the so-called 'customer' was actually the mother of his children and wife.

He shared a screenshot of the invoice he had sent to his spouse Jasmine, 34, in a WhatsApp chat, to which she hilariously responded: "Get a grip, we're married with three kids."

Since sharing the joke online on Monday (22 January 22nd), it has since gone viral and has racked up almost 13,000 likes, shares and comments.

Marc sarcastically complained that it was 'hard work' being the cleaning fairy, moaning that it took him 'half a day'.

He said: "We do the sofa regularly but I do a clean like that every six months. I normally just say it to her [about payment] but I thought 'you know what, I'll send her a message'."

The dad-of-three, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, continued: "She was sitting next to me when I sent it. I pretended I was messaging someone else and she looked at me, started laughing straight away and replied instantly.

"Sometimes she'll react like that, sometimes she'll laugh, sometimes she'll blow her top if I push too far but it's always light-hearted. I'm always winding her up. We do it to each other, me to her more than anything.

Marc's wife had a blunt response to his invoice.
Kennedy News and Media

The cleaning boss added: "We have an ongoing joke about things that we should get paid for. If I've got the kids, I'll say to her 'I'm babysitting the kids, where's my babysitting money?' She's like 'they're your kids you don't babysit your own kids'."

Mental health nurse Jasmine said she had taken the message with a pinch of salt, as 'it's just typical Marc'.

She explained that they have a running joke where she 'threatens to bill him for child care services, cooking, cleaning and organising all the birthday presents - all those types of things.'

The mum added: "He won't be getting that payment of £700. There will be some response to him, I'm just biding my time."

The funny exchange has really tickled Facebook users - much to Marc's pleasure, as he 'loves making people laugh' and said it was 'satisfying' to hear he could put a smile on someone's face.

One social media user commented on the post: "This is amazing!"

Another joked: "Tell her tea had better be good then."

And a third added: "I didn't get it until I read that the contact was 'the wife' then I was like ohhhhh."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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