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Brit missing for hours found by police searching for Jay Slater speaks out after being 'rescued'

Brit missing for hours found by police searching for Jay Slater speaks out after being 'rescued'

The search for missing Brit Jay Slater continues

A British hiker who was found by the search teams hunting for Jay Slater in Tenerife has spoken out.

David Larkin, 51, was found by rescue teams on Friday (21 June) while they were looking for Jay, 19, who hasn't been seen for over a week now.

The Lancashire teenager went travelling in Tenerife with his friends earlier this month.

As a group, they attended the New Rave Generation festival, after Jay decided to stay out with a group of people he had just met on Sunday (16 June) evening.

On Monday (17 June) morning, he called his friend and told them he was in the middle of a mountainous area having missed a bus back to the resort.

While searching for Jay, police said in a statement that they had found David, another Brit.

Jay Slater was last seen in Tenerife. (Family Handout)
Jay Slater was last seen in Tenerife. (Family Handout)

They said: "Last Friday, agents of this Local Police in collaboration with the Civil Protection mountain rescue team, rushed to the rescue of a 51 year old Scottish hiker, in the Asomada Canyon of the Los Carrizales neighborhood.

"Neighbours of the place, observed as said hiker entered from very early on through an area of difficult access not suitable for transit and after several hours passed without returning to the starting point, alerted the agents who were at those moments in the search for the missing young man, Jay Slater.

"Tired and disoriented he was located by the officers and rescue team who helped him get out of the ravine.

"We want to thank these neighbours for giving alert to this situation because due to the difficulty and lack of communication in the area, this hiker would not have managed to get out by his own means without the help received."

However, David insisted he 'didn't need rescuing'.

"I think there was a lot lost in translation when they saw him and I explained to them I had water, I was wearing layers, I had my rucksack with food and I'm an experienced hiker," he told MailOnline.

"I went into the canyon and I saw the helicopters looking and thought they were looking for the lad but I didn't for one minute think they would end up picking me up.

"I think they want to show how good they are, but I certainly didn't saving.

"I feel so sorry for the boy's family and hope he's found soon.

"I'm actually embarrassed about this, I had my poles and I know what I'm doing and I knew that if it could get windy I would take shelter in a cave.

"I know these trails, I've been coming here for years, so I know what I'm doing."

Featured Image Credit: PA/Family Handout

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