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Man who was mistakenly given £122,000 by the bank was told he could keep it

Man who was mistakenly given £122,000 by the bank was told he could keep it

When he first contacted the bank they said the money was his, but they soon changed their tune

A man who checked his bank account and found a whopping £122,000 when he'd only had £1 before was told by his bank the money was his.

East London lad Urslaan Khan had set up a savings account with Gatehouse Bank and set up a standing order to transfer £200 from there into his current account.

However, since he only had a quid in there the payment wasn't going to go through, until the 41-year-old spotted that it had and wondered where the other £199 for the transfer had come from.

When he looked at his savings account he saw that the balance had jumped up from £1 to £122,000, and Urslann reckons the money must belong to another customer with the bank and ended up in his account by mistake.

He realised he would even be able to transfer the money from his savings account into his current account and nothing would stop him.

Urslaan Khan discovered £122,000 more in his bank account than expected.

Being the fine, upstanding citizen that he is Urslaan did the right thing and told his bank they must have made a mistake, only for them to tell him everything was okay and the money was his.

He said: "I'd be set up for life if I had kept it.

"But, if I was going to keep the money, I wouldn't have told anyone! I took the initiative to make them aware of this.

"I was put on hold three times - only to be assured that there was nothing to worry about."

Sadly if you're hoping this story ends up with Urslaan ending up with the extra dosh which magically appeared in his account I'm sorry to tell you that the bank realised their error the following day.

He said it 'took them 24 hours to realise their mistake' and in that time he had the power to 'transfer it out my bank to another account'.

When he told the bank they'd made an error they told him he could keep the money, only to realise their mistake a day later.

It's probably for the best that he didn't since there are plenty of people who have discovered unexplained money in their account and wound up in a whole heap of trouble.

While your first instinct might be to go on a shopping spree with your windfall that can land you in legal difficulties.

People have ended up in prison for spending money they received due to a banking error, so it's really just best if you act like the cash isn't yours and tell the bank they've messed up.

Definitely don't be the guy who gets some unexplained money, abandons his business, buys a house and then when someone official asks what's going on tell them everything as though it's totally normal.

Gatehouse Bank said it could not comment on individual customer accounts.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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