Man Pockets £766,000 And Buys House After His Bank Account Is Mistaken For Casino's

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Man Pockets £766,000 And Buys House After His Bank Account Is Mistaken For Casino's

If you were asked right now: "What would you do if money accidentally went into your bank account," what would you say?

I'm presuming most you would claim to spend the money on whatever it can afford and then plead ignorance if asked about it at a later date.

However, when put in that situation the results would be different for everyone. You'd find that your conscience would creep into play and there'd be a phone call to the bank.

For shopkeeper Sandeep Singh though, there was no conscience. Not even a hint. The 34-year-old had £766,000 mistakenly paid into his bank, so he decided that the best thing to do would be to buy a house.


Leicester Crown Court. Credit: PA

Now getting on the property ladder is tough, but you can't really expect that getting on it with illegitimate money wouldn't land you in bother.

Anyway, Sandeep, according to the Mirror, had a cash machine installed in his off-licence by DC Payments Ltd, with the agreement stating that he was responsible for loading the machine with money, with the company then paying the money back.


However, his account was mixed up with Rubicon Casino in Wolverhampton, which obviously has a lot of cash being taken out of its on-site ATM.

Therefore the grand total of £766,098 between October 2014 and October 2016 was paid into his account, of which he sent £80,000 to India and bought a house.

The Mirror reports that his account was frozen when the mistake had been realised and the issue was then taken to court.

He was jailed for 12 months after he admitted to theft.


"There were multiple opportunities to notify DC Payments of the error, including during site visits from the company," Lynsey Knott, prosecuting, said.

DC Paymets reportedly spotted the mistake and contacted the shopkeeper, only to find out he'd sold his business, presumably because he'd gained enough money.


He rang back to let them know he'd spent £75,000 on a gaff. Courteous.

"There's still nearly half a million pounds in his UK account which is under a restraining order," Martin Liddiard, mitigating, said.

"His home has also been restrained.

"In all, a good £600,000 will be recoverable.


"He hasn't moved the majority of it, taken it or transferred it.

"It doesn't read well (in court documents) that he tried once or twice phoning to bring it to their attention and then left it.

"He's a relatively young man and was doing pretty well running a shop and he introduced a cash machine for his customers and this happened by way of error.

"One can see it was tempting to only make half-hearted attempts to repay it."

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