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Plumber makes chilling bone discovery under floorboards while digging out bathroom

Plumber makes chilling bone discovery under floorboards while digging out bathroom

Jonathan Betts was left spooked when he began unearthing bizarre fragments.

Taking a look under the floorboards can sometimes have quite terrifying consequences.

Now, I'm not saying there's something sinister lying underneath your laminate, but that's exactly what this bloke found.

Plumber Jonathan Betts was working his magic on a cottage in the UK, which is more than 200 years old, when he quite literally made a bone-chilling discovery. Take a look at this:

The 36-year-old explained he had been putting a graft in on the bathroom and had removed the toilet and floor covering when he noticed that the 'subflooring below was massively rotten'.

"I made the customers aware, who have been on holiday, that I will need to dig out the soil," he said.

Although he doesn't usually work weekends, Jonathan kept at it - but he ended up wishing he hadn't.

While he was hauling out spades full of soil, alarm bells started ringing for the plumber after he began to find several strange fragments among the mud while on the job earlier this month.

The bloke, who runs JB Plumbing in Plymouth, Devon, still soldiered on with the task at hand, but he was ready to tap out when he saw something resembling teeth.

Jonathan Betts made a frightening discovery under the bathroom floorboards.

He said: "As you can imagine I started to stress out, especially when I found a jaw bone with teeth!"

Jonathan shared a video on TikTok showing the bizarre bits and pieces that he was unearthing, while asking his followers to help him work out what exactly he was digging up.

He ominously captioned the clip: "Can anyone tell me if this is human or animal?"

Social media users were obviously sent in a spin, with people telling the plumber to immediately 'call the police' as others shared their own horror stories about unfortunate things they had detected in the ground.

"In the back of my mind I knew it was an animal as the teeth didn’t look like ours, but I was still sketching out as I really did not want this job to be shut down," Jonathan said.

He was extremely spooked when he found part of a jaw bone.

He ended up going on to find another part of the jawbone underneath the bathroom floor - as well as 20 other bones.

The TikToker laid out all the fragments, which varied in size and shape, alongside a load of marbles which had no colour inside and shared a follow up video to update internet users.

He admitted that he initially 'kind of' hoped it was the remains of a beloved family dog, rather than a human.

Jonathan then did some research online as well as getting in touch with a few fellow tradesmen to discuss where on earth the bones could have come from.

Much to everyone's relief, he found out that the bones actually belonged to a pig rather than a person - but it gets even weirder, as he actually ended up burying them back underneath the bathroom.

The plumber ended up finding 20 other bones.

The Brit explained: "The bones were placed back under the floor when we found out that back in the day people buried them to ward off bad spirits.

"After speaking with the owners of the home, they informed me that the house opposite used to be a pig farm and they think the barn attached to their property was in fact a slaughterhouse."

It's safe to say social media users were spooked by Jonathan's barmy bone find, although a lot of people were just grateful that he didn't unearth something even worse.

One person said: "How interesting but creepy," while another wrote: "At least you solved the mystery bones."

A third added: "Lol the celebration for pig bones."

And a fourth commented: "It was common to bury an animal in your house in the old times , their spirit would then protect the house. Like a grimm."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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