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'Britain's strongest schoolboy' who started lifted at one year old has 3,000 calorie diet

Dominic Smithers

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Plenty of us fancy ourselves as being pretty handy in the gym.

But one hench 10-year-old lad has been putting in some serious work that would put us all to shame.

While most kids his age are busy playing video games and shovelling down sweets, Rowan O'Malley has racked up countless world records.

Dubbed the 'Britain's strongest boy', he can shift some big weight, deadlifting an incredible 127.5kg, squatting 100kg, and benching 57.5kg.


Opening up about his unique talent, Rowan sat down with Rochelle Humes and Josie Gibson on This Morning today (14 August).

Rowan O'Malley is the country's strongest schoolboy. Credit: Instagram/rowo_strong
Rowan O'Malley is the country's strongest schoolboy. Credit: Instagram/rowo_strong

During their chat, he revealed that he packs away upwards of 3,000 calories a day and follows a strict training programme.

According to the NHS, the estimated calorie requirement for a 10-year-old boy is 2,032kcal.


On a typical day, he'll eat three portions of scrambled eggs for breakfast and have steak or fish for dinner, but his mum added that he still eats like a regular 10-year-old boy.

"[When I was one] I started with no weights, just the techniques so I could know what I was doing first," Rowan said, recalling the start of his weightlifting journey.

"I started because my parents ran fitness events and my dad worked with someone with a brain injury and they used the gym for rehab so I've always grown up in a gym environment."

When asked how old he was when he started really getting into the sport, Rowan said: "It was like the start of last year. I did a competition at my gym."


"And I deadlifted the world record for a 10 year-old and I was nine, and that's when it first started to get a bit serious."

The 10-year-old demonstrated his strength on the This Morning sofa. Credit: ITV/This Morning
The 10-year-old demonstrated his strength on the This Morning sofa. Credit: ITV/This Morning

Due to his age, though, he's not been able to take part in any official competitions in the UK as the minimum age is 12.

Instead, he travels across the pond to the States, claiming eight world records over there.


Discussing the decision to fly over to the US to compete, Rowan's dad Ben said they found that he was already breaking the records for his age group - and above - so wanted to make it official.

"Rowan is a powerlifter," he explained. "And often they get lumped in with Strongman and Olympic lifting, but powerlifting is squat, bench, and deadlift.

"So in the UK, Rowan can't do that competitively until he's 12 years old.

"So we started to see online that the world records for his age, he was lifting heavier than that already, so we felt that we needed to get some credibility and to be able to be assessed with referees and set some official records."


The hosts then explained that Rowan was already the strongest 10-year-old under 56kg of all time.

Explaining what it means to him, Rowan said: "It feels absolutely amazing."

Absolute legend.

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Dominic Smithers
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