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Ryanair passenger asks for refund after man performs singalong over intercom during flight

Ryanair passenger asks for refund after man performs singalong over intercom during flight

The Ryanair flight was disrupted by a man singing a Johnny Logan song before a trip between Dublin and Lourdes

Passengers on board a Ryanair flight have demanded a refund after a passenger grabbed the plane’s intercom and started singing badly at the rest of the people on-board.

It’s hardly the kind of in-flight entertainment that you would want, particularly when you’re already just waiting for a Ryanair flight to take off.

I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me saying, there’s not a great deal to do on a Ryanair flight, so perhaps an unruly passenger is the most entertaining thing that you’re likely to see.

To be honest, you’d probably just want to get off the ground and get the whole thing done as quickly as possible, right?

Anyway, this flight was carrying passengers from Dublin to the French pilgrimage site at Lourdes, but whilst Lourdes is famous for Our Lady appearing to St Bernadette, even her patience might have been tested by this bloke and his musical performance.

The man burst into song before the Ryanair flight could take off.
Twitter/Pete Farrell

The man – who might have had a bit to drink – grabbed hold of the intercom and started rattling his way through Johnny Logan’s ‘Hold Me Now’.

It’s a classic tune from the Irish Eurovision winner – the only man to win the famous song contest twice – but this wasn’t a performance for the ages.

Some people seemed to find the whole thing quite amusing, and a few even joined in with the song, but others weren’t quite so impressed.

One passenger – a bloke called Pete Farrell - really wasn’t enjoying the pre-flight karaoke, tweeting: “I know you are not famous for your in flight entertainment but this is taking the p***,

“Me and the kids would like our money back please.”

At the end of his song, the passenger told the captive audience ‘see you later’ before planting a kiss on the cheek of a flight attendant.

After the fact, Farrell told Dublin Live: “I run a little church group (not cool I know) and was taking over a few of the kids to see the [sanctuary of Lourdes] shrine.

“Group of men arrived at the gate, they were mannered to start but proceeded to get more and more drunk.

“Not the worst thing in the world but certainly tested our patience.

“They certainly weren’t going on a pilgrimage anyway!”

Some enjoyed his performance, others less so.
Twitter/Pete Farrell

Since the video was shared on social media, opinion has been divided over the man’s turn.

“This was a hijacking,” said one.

“Unless that’s the real Johnny Logan I’d be asking for my money back.”

The real Johnny Logan probably doesn’t have to perform for free on aeroplanes, to be fair to him.

However, others reckon that people need to ‘lighten up’.

“Painful, but he was only having a bit of a laugh,” said one.

“Get that a lad a drink. Some voice, hey,” joked another.

They weren’t sat waiting for a plane to take off whilst someone crooned down a tinny microphone at them, were they?

LADbible has contacted Ryanair for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Pete Farrell

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