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BBC presenter at centre of explicit photos scandal sent abusive messages to second young person, it's claimed

BBC presenter at centre of explicit photos scandal sent abusive messages to second young person, it's claimed

Fresh allegations have been made against a male BBC presenter who was suspended over claims he bought explicit images from a teenager

A second person has come forward with allegations against a BBC presenter.

An individual in their twenties has contacted the BBC over claims that one of its male presenters matched with them on a dating app.

The conversation, it's claimed, then moved onto another platform, and the pair continued to talk.

They told the broadcaster that the man, who was recently suspended over allegations that he had paid another person thousands of pounds for explicit images, pressured them into meeting up.

Things took a dark turn, it's claimed, when the young person posted online that they were in contact with a BBC presenter and they may reveal who they were.

They told the news organisation that the BBC employee then became 'abusive', sending 'expletive-filled messages', which have been seen by the BBC.

Fresh allegations have been made against the unnamed BBC presenter.
Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images

The BBC stated that it had contacted the presenter through his lawyers but had not received any comment over the new allegations.

This comes after lawyers acting for another young person, who its claimed had some kind of relationship with the BBC presenter, came out and stated that reports made in the Sun were 'rubbish'.

Last week, the red top newspaper reported that the child of a couple had received £35,000 over three years from the BBC presenter in question, in exchange for explicit photographs.

They claimed that their child was 17 at the time this started, with the presenter's money fuelling their crack cocaine addiction.

While the legal age to have sex in the UK is 16, it is an offence to send sexual images if you are under 18, and it is also illegal to receive them.

In a letter to the BBC, the lawyers acting for the young person said their client had actually contacted the Sun and denied the claims made against the presenter before the story was printed.

It read: "For the avoidance of doubt, nothing inappropriate or unlawful has taken place between our client and the BBC personality and the allegations reported in the Sun newspaper are rubbish."

It comes after the parents of another person made allegations against the same BBC presenter.
Loop Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Later yesterday (10 July) evening, the alleged victim's parents told the Sun that these claims were false and that they had tried to get the BBC to act back in May, but it did nothing.

The stepfather said: "They’re not telling the truth. I told them the youngster was 20 and it had been going on for three years.

"I told the BBC I had gone to the police in desperation but they couldn’t do anything as they said it wasn’t illegal. They knew all of this."

In a statement today (11 July), the BBC said it had been in contact with the Metropolitan Police about the allegations.

It read: "Yesterday, 10 July, the BBC’s Corporate Investigations Team had a meeting with the Metropolitan Police in relation to information provided to the BBC by The Sun newspaper on Thursday 6 July.

"As a result of this meeting, the BBC has been asked to pause its investigations into the allegations while the Police scope future work."

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