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Predicted cost of cigarettes as pack of 20 set to hit highest ever price next week

Predicted cost of cigarettes as pack of 20 set to hit highest ever price next week

The cost of cigarettes is reportedly expected to skyrocket ahead of the Spring Budget.

The cost of cigarettes are expected to skyrocket to their highest price ever ahead of the Spring Budget.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is reportedly expected to announce the Spring Budget on 6 March in the House of Commons, which could see a radical increase in the price of cigarettes.

Last year, Hunt added £1.55 to a pack of 20 cigarettes - with the price increasing by 12 percent.

Hand-rolling tobacco also increased by 10.1 percent, The Independent reported, and the decision wasn't very received well - with Simon Clark, the director of the smoker's campaign group, Forest, calling it 'heartless' and 'cruel' to 'punish' smokers during the cost of living crisis.

And it appears that the same could be happening again.

Price of cigarettes increased last year by 12 percent.
Andres Siimon/Unsplash.

The average cost in the UK currently stands at £14.39, making Britain one of the most expensive places to smoke in the whole of Europe.

The average cost for 20 in Netherlands is around £7, with Germany charging even lower at £6.50.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also announced last year that he plans to increase the smoking age by one year every year to effectively make it sure that young people will not be able to legally purchase them in hopes of a 'smoke-free generation'.

He also included in his plans to ban disposable vapes in order to crackdown on the use of vapes by children and young people.

Next month's budget will see the predicted cost of a packet of 20 cigarettes set to be over £16 following the budget announcement next week, The Sun reports.

A pack of 20 cigarettes could reportedly increase to over £16.
Getty Stock Photo

It has also been reported that the ban on disposable vapes will be apparent across the UK by 2025, which Which? reports could possibly be included in the Spring Budget.

But experts have warned that this increase will lead to more sales on the black market, according to the outlet.

Sarah Connor from JTI UK said: “Unreasonable tobacco taxes fuel criminal sales of illegal tobacco, cost taxpayers’ money and drive-up inflation.”

While Head of Lifestyle Economics at the free market think tank, Christopher Snowdon, claimed that the government's approach to vapes had 'become an incoherent mess'.

According to HMRC, an estimated £9.3 million in tax revenue had been lost as a result of illegal tobacco sales.

The HMT spokesperson told I News that they 'do not comment on speculation around tax changes outside of fiscal events'.

LADbible has contacted HMT for further comment.

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