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Woman who saved nearly £200 on Tesco shop shares exact time to go for best discounts

Woman who saved nearly £200 on Tesco shop shares exact time to go for best discounts

She shared her bargain finds online

The cost of living crisis has meant everyone is on the lookout for a good old bargain, especially when it comes to essentials like the food shop.

But one woman seems to have found a cheat code when it comes to grocery shopping, leaving a lot of people envious.

We've all been there, hunting for bargain deals while grocery, clothes, or even furniture shopping.

Every penny counts nowadays, which is why when Jenny Duliey shared her bargain buys on Facebook group 'Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK', members of the group were left shocked.

Jenny managed to save a fortune on her food shop, which she also snapped a picture of to share on social media.

Included in the photo was a rump steak, a whole roast chicken, 11 salmon fillets, a pork loin joint, mince meat and chicken drumsticks, to name a few.

She also nabbed a pepperoni pizza for good measure.

More than enough food to feed her and her family for a while, it begs the question: Exactly how much did all of this cost?

Jenny Dulieu managed to save a huge amount on her food shop.

In total, it cost just £53.

£53! For all that food!

The original price was £240, meaning Jenny saved a whopping £187 on her food shop.

I would be proud if I managed to save that much in shopping over a month, let alone in one go.

Jenny captioned her post: "I thought last week was lucky this week was mad!!! £53 instead of £240!!

"I think my son will be eating salmon every day!!"

Jenny also revealed the time she goes so she can secure these astonishing deals.

Tesco is the land of savings if you go at the right time, according to Jenny.
Nathan Stirk/GettyImages

"Tesco at 7.30 pm," she posted.

Hundreds of likes and comments came in, praising Jenny for her incredible savings.

One user commented: "That's great!"

Another posted: "Well done - great haul!"

A different user simply put: "Blimey lucky you."

However, a fourth seemed to share that they couldn't secure these deals: "Nice work! I’d go to our local Tesco, but there are the same two ladies there, right on 7:30pm, and pretty much take everything. It’s vile behaviour."

Might not be the best approach, but you have to respect the hustle those two ladies put into securing their yellow sticker deals.

Looks like you might want to bring some riot gear with you to Tesco at 7:30pm then, if Jenny's hack catches on.

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Stirk/GettyImages/Facebook/ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK

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