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Woman shares warning after receiving letter from her boss after Christmas party

Woman shares warning after receiving letter from her boss after Christmas party

Her behaviour wasn't up to standard

A woman has revealed she lost her job after her behaviour at her work’s Christmas party. Ouch.

Over the last few weeks, thousands of Brits will have plastered on a smile and knocked back some cheap, room temperature beer at the work’s Christmas party.

However, its always worthwhile bearing in mind that although it can be an occasion to let your hair down, you can still get in trouble with your employers if you don’t behave yourself.

In fact, there’s a bit of a list of things that could see employees hauled up in front of HR, which is not the best way to kick off the festive period - as one man found out earlier this month.

Meanwhile, a woman called Molly found this out first hand, too, after attending her Christmas do, where she had promised herself she would ‘behave’.

Molly took to TikTok to share her story.

In a post on TikTok, Molly could be seen looking sweetly into the camera with the words: "I promise I'll behave at the staff party" written across her photo, but the video then cut to a letter from her employer telling her she wasn’t welcome back to the company.

The letter, which had some details redacted for obvious reasons, began: "Dear Molly, It is with regret that I must confirm the outcome of my investigation into the events that took place at the staff Christmas party on Saturday evening."

The following few lines, Molly has blacked out but it went on to say that her actions had ‘risked putting the reputation of the nursery into disrepute’.

"This amounts to gross misconduct," the letter continued.

"As you are still on your probationary period, I had no option but to terminate your contract of employment with immediate effect."

She shared an image of the email sent to her by her employers.

The letter-writer then goes on to tie up a few loose ends, telling Molly to return her uniform and outlining how her final pay will be sent to her.

Confirming what we’ve already seen, Molly wrote across the clip: “Gets sacked x.” Not ideal.

Molly has decided against sharing what exactly it was she had done to get herself dismissed.

Despite folks begging for her to share the details - in a since deleted follow-up clip, Molly shared why there wouldn't be a 'story time' about her dismissal.

The TikToker claimed that there was another person who played an 'equal part' in the incident, though they're still employed at the business.

She explained: “Unfortunately, without her permission, I can’t actually upload a story time [explain what happened] again but I mean if she one day says ‘you know what, go ahead with it, just don’t use my name, whatever,’ then I will post it."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@m21lly

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