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Bloke issues warning after waking up to email from HR morning after work Christmas party

Bloke issues warning after waking up to email from HR morning after work Christmas party

Paddy Jobsman had some serious beer fear following his work's festive bash.

The morning after the work's Christmas party can be quite unpleasant - whether you've got your head down the toilet or serious beer fear, a lot a people wake up regretting their actions from the night before.

But if the HR department are on your case, you know you must have overstepped the mark with your drunken antics.

So imagine how this bloke felt when he was nursing a raging hangover and refreshed his emails to find his work wanted a stern word following the annual festive do.

The fact he's a 'career educator' and a bit of a job expert only adds fuel to the fire, as you'd expect Paddy Jobsman to have his office Christmas party etiquette down pat.

But the booze can get the best of any of us - even if you are well known for offering employment advice.

Paddy shared a TikTok explaining he had been called in for a serious telling off due to his antics at the bash with his colleagues alongside the caption: "I’ve got a wife and kids you can’t do this."

The email read: "I am contacting you from the HR department regarding reports of your behaviour at our recent Christmas party. These reports are concerning and require an immediate discussion.

Paddy woke up with a sore head and an email from HR after the work's Christmas bash.

"Please attend a mandatory meeting on Monday at 9am in the office. This meeting is to address the behaviour in question and its implication under our company policy.

"It is crucial that you attend this meeting. Failure to not comply may result in further action."

His post obviously prompted a lot of other people to weigh in and share their stories of being worse for wear at the work's bash, as well as opening the floodgates for all kinds of speculation about what he had done.

One of the worst emails to receive.

One said: "This literally just happened to me last weekend at my work's Christmas party. I got blinddd."

Another joked: "Your HR person is named KAREN?! Lmao you're cooked brother."

And a third added: "Tell us what you did Pat!"

The bloke has opted to keep the details of his drunken discrepancy off social media, but he did provide an update on the outcome of his meeting a few days later.

He gave people an update on the outcome of the meeting.

In another video, Paddy shared a screenshot of a follow-up email he had received in wake of his sit down with HR.

It read: "Following our meeting concerning your behaviour at the Christmas party, we have decided to issue a written warning. This warning will be kept on your personnel record."

Although his card is now marked in the workplace, Paddy seemed pretty pleased with the result and jubilantly captioned the clip: "Made it out alive!"

His followers were thrilled that he has lived to see another day and congratulated him in the comments.

One said: "Man if you're still on the payroll after the Christmas party you did good."

Another wrote: "Karen Jones is the most HR worker name I’ve ever heard!"

And a third chimed in: "First and last Christmas party."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/paddyjobsman

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