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UK airport descends into chaos at 4am with huge queues after u-turn over new liquid rule

UK airport descends into chaos at 4am with huge queues after u-turn over new liquid rule

Passengers could be seen queueing outside the airport in the chaos

Travellers at a UK airport experienced chaos following a major u-turn on a new liquid rule.

Over the past couple of years, British airports have been working on overhauling the restrictions on liquids you're allowed to take in carry on luggage.

Introduced in 2006 after a foiled terror plot, UK holidaymakers have only been allowed to carry small clear bag containing liquids no larger than 100ml in size, with anything larger needing to go in checked bags.

The system has long been a nightmare for travellers, especially as forking out for a checked suitcase is often needlessly expensive.

However, there seemed to finally be a light at the end of the tunnel when the UK government confirmed that these rules would be scrapped across the country by 2025.


Several airports have begun to roll out the new technology in preparation but, because this is the UK, there has been several technical issues, leading to lengthy delays to get through security.

The first major airport to make the switch is Birmingham, and images and videos from the city have revealed chaotic scenes.

In a series of images and videos shared on X, frustrated travellers can be seen waiting in long lines which snake around the outside of the airport.

"Carnage at Birmingham airport, 3 lanes of queuing at 4am," user @whites_electric wrote, alongside a video of the queue.

"Four lanes of queuing just to get inside #BirminghamAirport - the queues are moving and people are generally cheerful about it all, but it’s all a bit chaotic!" @NicolKinrade added, revealing it took her 80 minutes to get through.


"Utter chaos again, queues all over the place," a third person added.

The chaotic scenes were also causing several passengers to be danger of missing their flight, with user @wesandpete documenting their two hour wait on social media.

"Absolutely shambles and a terrible, stressful, exhausting start to the holiday," they wrote, adding that they had no time to get food or use the toilet before the flight.

Following the backlash, Birmingham Airport has issued an update to their guidelines on 9 June, urging travellers to follow the original 100ml liquid rules until further notice.

"Our new security area was designed, and resourced, to accommodate the increase to two litres being carried in cabin baggage, this currently cannot be operated with the temporary restriction," a spokesperson for Birmingham Airport added (via The Sun).

"In order to have full compliance to this new directive we have further amended our operating process.

"We now have 'liquid check stations' at all entrances to the terminal where colleagues are directly assisting passengers to ensure liquids containers over 100ml are removed."

Featured Image Credit: (X/whites_electric)

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