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Brits rave over rare luxury service station with ‘touch of class’

Brits rave over rare luxury service station with ‘touch of class’

What's the best service station in the UK? Probably this one

If it's a long trek for your holiday, then the best bit is stopping off at the service station to stretch your legs, empty your bladder and maybe get something to eat along the way.

Service stations are frankly just amazing, each one a little bastion of civilisation along the long and drab stretches of motorways, and you can get a Big Mac while you're there.

Of course there are good service stations and bad ones, and plenty of Brits will actually tailor their journey to make sure they're going past the good ones.

Everything you could ever want under one roof, but which is the best service station in Britain?
Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

At a bad service station you'll spend far too much money on a disappointing sandwich while a truck driver swears at the fruit machine that's just swallowed most of their money.

A good service station is an oasis of joy where you can have an amazing time with it all under one roof, to the point that you wish you didn't have to get in the car and go back on holiday at all.

Obviously there's a lot of debate over what the best service station in the UK is and everyone's got their favourites for all sorts of reasons there is one absolute gem which pretty much nobody can find a bad word to say about.

This bastion of brilliance bringing comfort and succour to the nation's motorists is... Gloucester Services.

It's got a duck pond, beautiful natural features and the food selection there is so good that you could have a feast based on what you could get there.

Yes, that's a service station. Yes, people tweak their journeys just so they can go to it.
Facebook/Gloucester Services

Yes, this absolute gem of a service station situated on the M5 is a little slice of luxury and you only need to check the reviews to see how much people adore it.

One visitor called it 'probably the nicest services I've ever visited' with a 'great selection of local and hand made produce', while a second said 'all service stations should strive to be this good'.

Another review came from a couple who said they 'deliberately had to stop here' after hearing everyone rave about how good it was.

That's the thing about a great service station, it's somewhere you go rather than just stopping off because your need to have a p**s has grown too great.

Gloucester Services offers a 'great selection of local and hand made produce'.
Gloucester Gateway Trust

The food, the surrounding nature and the sheer quality of the place have put Gloucester head and shoulders above the rest of the service stations in the UK for plenty of Brits.

Another popular service station is Tebay on the M6 in Cumbria, and that's probably because it's owned by the same people who made Gloucester services such a gem.

If you're up in Scotland then they also run Cairn Lodge services on the M74, so those further north can see what the fuss is about as well.

Do you think Gloucester lives up to the hype, or is there another service station you're partial to?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / FWP Ltd

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