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New UK nightclub is only open during the day

New UK nightclub is only open during the day

Actor Vicky McClure developed the daytime disco, which is aimed at the over 30s

Whether you're attempting to do 'Dry January' for the first time, or simply can't hack a late night on the town anymore, we have the solution for you.

That's because a brand new nightclub has opened which only caters to its dance-ready customers throughout the daytime.

And if the prospect of guaranteeing a kebab after a night out, or getting home in time to catch up with EastEnders is something that entices you, you might be even more tempted by the fact that this innovative new business plan even has some celebrity backing.

That's because the idea was actually developed by Line of Duty star Vicky McClure.

Joined by her husband Jonny Owen, the Nottingham-born on-screen star came up with the premise of a club that's open during the day but closes in the night.

That's right - no more worrying about not making it onto the last train home, or a bum-clenching evening taxi price surge.

The nightclub is only open for daytime visitors.

McClure and Owen's first daytime disco experiment - called Day Fever - was launched in Sheffield City Hall last month, and sold out within 48 hours.

The This Is England star was joined by her mother Carol in leading the dance floor, before she posted a clip from the lively soirée on social media.

"Instead of dancing the night away, this is dancing the afternoon away," McClure joked, as per the BBC.

"It's a nightclub in the afternoon for people of a certain age," added filmmaker Owens.

The idea was developed by actor Vicky McClure.
Joe Maher/WireImage

"I love meeting mates, having a few drinks, having a dance but also like getting a cheeky curry afterwards, not queuing hours for a taxi and being home early enough for Match of the Day - and then it also doesn't ruin your Sunday either.

"For me now, it's all about going out on a bit of an all-dayer - and I thought there's a real market for people with a similar vibe."

These daytime club events are understood to be targeted at the over 30s, with doors opening at 2pm and last entry at 4pm.

"I'm really guilty for having a good dance in my kitchen alone - and I would much rather do it with my friends," McClure said.

"Music is such a powerful thing for us all to have, it's one thing playing it in your headphones, your house or in your car.

The day disco is aimed at the over 30s.

"But when you're on a dance floor, with your mates it really does create a memory - and I'm all for music and memories as we do with our dementia choir."

Further discos have also now been confirmed for Londoners, as well as those living in Nottingham and South Wales.

Since the news broke, thousands of readers have since expressed their joy at the prospect of being able to dance during the day.

"This would suit me better,go out for the afternoon and be home before 8pm and in pyjamas," one penned on social media.

"Absolutely love it, especially in the winter. A few drinks and a dance and home for Corrie Lol," another added.

A third went on: "Good.... love to dance. Can't stay awake past 9 pm.... lol."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @vicky.mcclure

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