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Brits issued fresh passport warning if you're flying to Spain

Brits issued fresh passport warning if you're flying to Spain

Fresh passport advice has been issued ahead of the summer holidays

The British government has issued a fresh passport warning to anyone travelling to Spain from the United Kingdom.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office regularly updates travel advice for countries around the world, issuing important information to those heading overseas. Just last month it issued a 'strict' warning to those travelling to Australia.

Advice ranges from warnings and insurance issues to entry requirements.

Today (17 May), the Foreign Office has issued an update to its official advice when it comes to visiting Spain - which is something we're going to say is more important than most updates given Brits love to head to the country more than anywhere else in the world.

It comes after the European Union issues fresh guidance to Brits on new EU travel rules that could ban you from the mainland continent for three years if you fall foul.

More than 15 million of us jetted off to Spain in the last year; more than double the second most visited country on the list (sorry, France).

There's already a good few warnings and advice in place when it comes to heading to Spain. For one, make sure you're aware of the 'six drink rule'. And more recently we have seen the introduction of a total booze ban between 9.30pm and 8.00am the next day on some of the country's most popular islands.

Brits love a Spanish beach. (Getty Stock Images)
Brits love a Spanish beach. (Getty Stock Images)

Well, the new advice from the Foreign Office has nothing to do with booze. But it could become extremely relevant if you have one too many.

Issuing an update to its safety and security page, it has highlighted an important piece of advice if you so happen to lose your passport or have it stolen.

It'll happen to an unfortunate few, so it is best to be prepared as to what to do next.

The important point being stressed by the government is to make sure you have the appropriate documents to get back home.

The government has issued new advice. (Getty stock photo)
The government has issued new advice. (Getty stock photo)

"You cannot use a police report to leave Spain," the government said in the update.

"If your passport is lost or stolen, you must renew your passport or apply for an emergency travel document."

If you have your passport stolen abroad, don't panic. Make sure you report it to the local police where you should request a physical police report which you might need when communicating with the British Embassy when applying for a new passport.

Take note. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
Take note. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

For those losing their passport, you'll need to sort out an emergency travel document. The Foreign Office says: "An emergency travel document lets you travel from abroad if you need to travel urgently and cannot use your UK passport. It is usually only valid for one single or return journey. You can travel through a maximum of five countries."

They come at a cost of £100 and then you'll have to pay for a new passport when you get back, so it's not ideal.

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