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A lad in Wetherspoons left £5,000 richer after finding a special ‘golden straw’ in his drink.

For the next couple of months, Au Vodka teamed up to give lucky pubgoers the chance to win a huge prize just by ordering a drink.

In a move Wonka himself would be proud of, the drinks company have put out golden straws across spoons for drinkers to find.

And instead of a trip to the chocolate factory, finders of the straw will bag £5k.

By ordering one of the special pitchers, this lad in Bristol couldn’t believe his luck.

DJ Charlie Sloth presented the prize.

Nicholas Jainath was having a few drinks with his mates at the V-Shed and didn’t even have a clue about the special promotion.

Next minute, he’s got his Au Vodka Candy Rosá and is also being greeted by top radio DJ Charlie Sloth - and he’s carrying with him a briefcase stuffed with £5k in cash.

In the video shared by Au Vodka, Sloth asks the lad: “You don’t know what this golden straw means?”

With a lot of eyes on him, he asks: “What does it mean?”

And while there’s gold confetti raining down on him, the DJ says: “five thousand pounds cash my guy.”

Certainly not the night Nicholas probably had planned at the Bristol Spoons.

And there’s still chances for other lucky customers to find one of these wealth-inducing golden straws too.


There’s still another two £5,000 prizes up for grabs in the competition.

Au Vodka will choose random pitchers at two more UK Wetherspoon locations, on two different dates and at two different times.

So you just want to get lucky, basically.

In a video posted on the Au Vodka Instagram page, DJ and part owner Charlie Sloth says: "For your chance to win £5,000 this summer just go to a Wetherspoons pub and buy Au Vodka Candy Rosa.

"If you find the golden straw you win £5,000 and me personally delivering it to you."

However, it's not all good news as the giveaway excludes sites in airports, Beaconsfield, Leicester Square (London), Windsor and the Republic of Ireland.

The closing date for the giveaway is 30 September 2023.

It's also not the first time that the company has staged a big giveaway. In 2022, Au Vodka wrapped a Lamborghini in its signature gold colour in a giveaway worth £120,000.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@auvodkabts

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