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Woman sparks debate after charging family £150 per person for Christmas dinner

Woman sparks debate after charging family £150 per person for Christmas dinner

She claimed that a 'lot of people' would like to do the same

A mum has revealed she charges family members and friends a whopping £150 each for Christmas dinner.

Carla Bellucci sparked debate after she appeared on Good Morning Britain where she claimed ‘a lot of people’ want to charge guests for their Christmas meal but most ‘wouldn’t dare’.

The mum, who previously hit headlines for saying she wanted her 14-year-old daughter to have cosmetic surgery to make her ‘prettier’, defended the unusual move, saying that no one is ‘forced’ to go.

She said: "First time I've decided to charge, I always do the Christmas dinner and thought this year: 'No, something's got to change!' Times are hard, I'm a working person, I've got to make cutbacks!

"I'm not forcing anyone to come, it's an invite! It's going to be a nice do!"

Bellucci justified the high price by explaining that it will be a classy affair, with Champagne, caviar, salmon and foie gras as well as the festive-staple of turkey.

Carla Bellucci sparked debate after sharing her unusual plans for Christmas.
ITV/Good Morning Britain

In total, Bellucci will be cooking for 15 people and says everyone has been understanding about the price.

"Some have said no and some, like good friends, have said: 'Yeah, it's fine!' No one has been frosty, they know what I'm like!

"There's no refund policy!"

Bellucci went on to say that she’ll make a profit on the day but said that would go towards keeping the house warm and the decor.

She added: "I think I worked it out at about £400 but that's decors, heating and paying my two teenagers, they're not going to do this for free! No one is forced to come, it's a choice! I think a lot of people want to do it but they don't dare say it!"

The mum is cooking for 15 guests on Christmas Day.
ITV/Good Morning Britain

Viewers were left divided by Bellucci’s plans, with one person taking to X to say: “So much for the season of giving and good will.”

Another said: “Nothing wrong with contributing or bringing something with you - a bottle, a side dish etc, but having the audacity to charge people is honestly ridiculous. £150 too!! You'd be cheaper going to a restaurant. Crazy!”

While a third commented: “Asking a guest to pay is like paying someone to be your friend. It’s not nice, not right, not proper.”

However, others agreed with Bellucci, as one bloke asked: “Why not? It’s very expensive."

And someone else pointed out: “Well people are paying for their own drinks at weddings.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Getty Stock Photo

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