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Dog mauls man on floor before almost dragging him in front of train

Dog mauls man on floor before almost dragging him in front of train

The dog seemed to tear feathers from his coat as the man fell close to the platform's edge

A man seemed to fall victim to a dog attack over the weekend which saw him almost dragged in front of a train.

Going viral on X, a video taken yesterday (10 December) shows him in a pretty terrifying encounter.

Taking place at Stratford station in east London, the man was attacked by a dog whose owner was struggling to control it.

Eyewitnesses on the platform say it all happened when a woman was having problems managing her two dogs.

So, trying to help her out, the bloke offered to hold one of them on a lead while she properly attached the harness to the other.

But this act of kindness backfired when the pooch turned on the man.

It suddenly began jumping onto him, attacking him which unsurprisingly began to cause panic on the platform.

Feathers even began to blow around as the dog seemed to tear his puffer coat as it jumped at him.

This then escalated with the man falling over, dangerously close to landing on to the tracks before an incoming DLR train entered the station.

He eventually managed to run off from the situation, screaming for help from the attacking dog.

Emergency services were called to the scene, with the situation brought under control.

The man almost fell in front of a train during the attack.

Luckily, although the man was shaken up by the whole thing, his condition was not reported to be serious.

British Transport Police told LADbible: "Officers were alerted to a reported dog attack just after 4.30pm yesterday (10 December) at Stratford station.

"Officers attended and two dogs have been taken to a secure kennel whilst our enquiries are ongoing.

"Anyone with information is asked to contact BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 422 of 10/12/23."

LADbible understands neither of the dogs are believed to be XL Bullys, despite rumours the soon-to-banned breed was responsible for the attack.

Nevertheless, this dog attack has raised concerns about having dogs in public spaces and the dangers of them becoming aggressive.

Featured Image Credit: UKNIP

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