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'Selfish' Petrol Heads Slammed After Holding Up Entire Motorway

'Selfish' Petrol Heads Slammed After Holding Up Entire Motorway

Drivers stopped to take selfies on the M60

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Incredible footage has been shared showing the bizarre moment a group of car enthusiasts held up 'hundreds of cars' on a motorway.

The group of petrol heads have been branded 'selfish' after they were seen stopping along a stretch of the M60 near Denton, Greater Manchester, taking selfies outside their motors.

The video was originally posted on TikTok before being uploaded later to Facebook by someone not part of the meet but who said they gave car enthusiasts a 'bad name'.

The Facebook post read: "Typical UK car 'enthusiasts': blocking the motorway because its [sic] cool. So sick of all this entitled bulls**t attitude car people have.

"I am massively into cars and understand the passion but these sort of actions give us all the bad views people have of us. Stop giving the general public more reasons to dislike us."

The group of drivers stopped along the M60.
Kennedy News and Media

After watching the clip, hundreds of others piled in, with a second person blasting: "F***ing idiots. Hope they all get fines or points for being thick as f***."

Another also commented: "I just saw a load of people in shiny modern things taking selfies and being a bunch of d***s."

But despite the police describing the scenes as 'frankly unacceptable', the organiser of the meet in Telford, YouTuber DMODeejay, said fellow drivers only stopped after his car overheated.

He said: "I know people are saying 'it was erratic, you shouldn't have done it', who knew it was going to be like that?

"I never knew. I knew it was going to be a shutdown but a shutdown on a small scale. That was huge.

"I've been working on my car since I bought it. The car is nearly where it needs to be but there are some niggly, little bits that need to be swapped over.

The drivers have been criticised for the stunt.
Kennedy News and Media

"The radiator is blown and doesn't work properly. I have no fan on the car and driving it 100 miles up the road to get it finalised, the car was overheating.

"I pulled over and because we were in such a deep convoy, they all stopped too. At the time I wasn't thinking about them, I was thinking my car was about to blow up, I needed to pull over.

"By the time I looked back, there were more than 500 cars behind me, just stopped.

"It was a moment, the support was unreal. They all wanted to make sure I was ok. It wasn't planned.

"I broke down. I let it cool down on the side of the road."

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident but as yet no arrests had been made.

The organiser said drivers only stopped after his car overheated.
Kennedy News and Media

Superintendent Jane Higham, of GMP's Tameside district, said: "The scenes that were posted on social media of the car event in Denton on Sunday [19 July] afternoon were quite frankly unacceptable and we are committed to finding out how this incident came to be.

"The disruption caused by the large gathering of people and the volume of traffic wreaked havoc across some of the main routes in the town and impacted the nearby motorway network.

"This disregard for the rest of the public is shocking and will not be tolerated.

"While I completely understand and empathise with the many people affected by this event and concerned with our response, it is important to recognise that we only became aware of the event once it had begun and the risk posed to our officers and the wider public by trying to intervene after this was considerably enhanced."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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